Vinyl, Pleather, and Ribbons

by K-nomynous
(Eden, NC)

I'm a beginner, just learning to climb. My pole is a static galvanized pole with a spray finish (I do plan to get a spin/static x pole after Valentines day). Heat makes a huge difference in the friction. Rubbery shoes help out greatly for me because I'm not pulling skin when trying to get a feel for what I'm supposed to be doing.

I'd like to get some vinyl or plastic-like pants or shorts strictly for practicing sitting/standing moves, but all I seem to find are mini skirts.

I was wondering - I've seen lots of dance pole performers wearing ribbons on their arms and legs. Does this serve a physical purpose for gripping? Also, I have some super high boots that need new laces. Can I use ribbon to tie them or can you recommend a shop online that sells just the laces?


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