Trouble Sticking to Dance Pole?

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Are you having trouble sticking to dance pole?

Here is an excellent listing of everyday products -as well as products you can purchase-that will add to the coveted "pole grip"!

There are several reasons for having problems with being able to grip the pole. The things that can affect this are:

  • The type of metal of the pole
  • The temperature of the pole
  • The cleanliness (or non-cleanliness!) of the pole
  • What the pole was cleaned with
  • Your skin-dryness/moistness
  • Sweaty hands and feet problems

But there are solutions for all of these problems...

  • Warm up your pole by doing some stretches, spins and climbs on them before getting to the harder pole work of your session. If you are a beginner, walk around the pole, switching hands and direction. 
  • There are anti-perspirants for sweaty skin such as ProActive Tite Grip Antiperspirant Hand Lotion and Dry Hands Ultimate Gripping Solution 
  • Pole cleaners that contain resins such as Aerial Empowerment Grip Enhancer special formula that is also used in aerial silk dance. This is by far one of the BEST pole cleaners that I have used and it leaves even a slippery stainless steel pole so clean it feels "grippy"!
  • You can also clean it with a Dance Pole Cleaning Cloth or a regular low-lint window cleaning cloth
  • The type/concentration of alcohol that is used to clean the pole can affect its "grippiness"; rubbing alcohol should be 90% or higher concentration
  • Skin moisturizers specifically designed for pole dancers...regular moisturizers leave a film that will make your skin too slippery against the metal
  • Skin has to be clean and dry! If you applied make-up or lotion, wash your skin
  • Chalk/liquid grip products for hands such as Mighty Grip for Fitness Pole Dancing or Mighty Grip Extra Tack Formula is great for adding some tackiness to your hands
  • Pole Dance Glove Medium with Tack Black work great also as well as Ankle Protector with Tack Medium

Tips for Better Grip!

  • Using plastic/vinyl heels or boots
  • Warming up the pole with spins
  • Itac plus a thin layer of Tite Grip
  • Using lotions such as Pole Physics, Cetaphil or Vaseline Total Body Conditioning
  • Do not sand your chrome pole- it will damage the finish!
  • Air dry your pole cleaning towels so not to have the softeners from drying
  • Hairspray your pole
  • Pole finished in order from most to least slippery: Stainless steel, chrome, titanium gold and brass - the most grip!
  • Put Itac directly on pole
  • You can sand a stainless steel pole (contradicting what I said above) although it can damage it!

Best Way to Fix Trouble Sticking to Dance Pole!

  • The very best way to ensure that you can hold that pole is to build sufficient strength. My best strength in my hands and forearms came after not only I practices things on pole but started doing GRIP CHANGES exercise in adult gymnastics class I took. Basically, hang from a bar - pull up bar, gymnastics bar, monkey bars at a playground - then starting in an overhand grip, take one hand off and quickly grab the bar again in an underhand grip, or chin-up grip. Do the same with the other hand. Keep changing back and forth as quickly as you can. Start with a couple (as I did!) then work you way to a set of 10, then 20. You will be AMAZED at the strength you develop - your forearms will BURN! 

Ever Have Trouble Sticking to Your Pole?

Tell us what you use or what you do to help you create more grip for pole dancing or performing pole tricks...

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I use surf wax to grip toy board, thought Id try it on a pole. I like sex wax or sticky bumps.

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Vinyl, Pleather, and Ribbons Not rated yet
I'm a beginner, just learning to climb. My pole is a static galvanized pole with a spray finish (I do plan to get a spin/static x pole after Valentines …

Gloves Not rated yet
Tool gloves from the 99 cent store that are used to hold hammers, hand saws etc work well for beginners. They hold great but deteriorate fast.

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