Super Advanced Pole Dance Moves

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Super advanced pole dance moves...whew!!! As you progress in building strength, improving your flexibility and getting a stronger core, you can try and start learning some of the advanced tricks. 

What You Should Master FIRST!

Before you get into the advanced level tricks, you should know the following...VERY well!:

  • How to pole sit
  • Be able to hold yourself on the pole with your arms only 

When you have mastered these basic fundamentals, you can move on into learning more. Knowing these will ensure you have the strength to get into position safely, hold yourself in position and to dismount safely as well.

Tips to Learning Advanced Tricks

  • These take time to master; don't get frustrated when at first you can barely get into position...or maybe only half into position. Try learning them from the floor as much as possible first
  • Your patience and practice will pay off; only try and learn one pole trick at a time as you will develop the strength needed for that move. Some moves require more shoulder strength, some more core, some more leg or arm strength.
  • Try using a titanium gold or brass pole, both which have more grip for your skin than stainless steel
  • Want to learn to do the front splits in six weeks? Here is a great guide that will help anyone to be able to accomplish that. 
  • Work on your overall flexibility as well.There is also a couple of great dvds to help with attaining higher levels of flexibility: STACEY NEMOUR's Secrets of Splits & Flexibility and Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About SPLITS & FLEXIBILITY DVD
  • Be patient with yourself. Some of the most fluid dancers have spent years perfecting their routines and you will get there too!

Recording Your Progress

  • Mirrors are good to use also if you can put them up where your pole is. You can find some at a glass shop, hardware store or construction supply place like Lowe's or Home Depot instead of paying too much for fancy framed ones
  • It is best to video record yourself a few times when learning a new trick if you are learning at home on your own without an instructor there to correct you. Then compare it to either the video, photo or dvd that you are learning from. 
  • You can also post the video on the Studio Veena forum and get quality feedback from the other dancers and instructors
  • Record your progress with a training journal or video recorder. This will help in measuring your progress and when you are discouraged or frustrated, you can take a look back at how far you have come:)
  • Practice, practice, practice! I cannot stress it enough. It takes courage to post yourself making mistakes like this but the victory is sweet when you finally get it!

Here is a short list of tricks and holds (it is ever growing!) 

Aerial Invert

Armpit Hold

Brass Monkey

Butterfly Inversion


Carousel Kick


Cross Ankle Release

Fan Kick

Full Bracket



Inverted Crucifix

Iron X

Open V Invert

Pole Splits

Shoulder Mount Inversion

Shoulder Mount Prance



Wrist Sit

Super Advanced Pole Dance Moves Dictionaries

Here are some pole dance move guides to help you in learning the names and positions.

  • Check out Pole Dance Community's FREE online syllabus that is a pretty comprehensive list of videos that demonstrate many of the super advanced pole dance moves.
  • The Pole Dance Dictionary is also a FREE online resource of pole dance tricks and moves including Chinese Pole moves, Circus tricks and workout videos. 

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