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It is an exciting event, buying your first stripper pole!

Having your own fitness pole at home is great for being able to practice all of the moves that you will learn in your classes. You can install it in your bedroom, kitchen or garage-basically any room that has a beam in the ceiling.

My Lil Mynx in my dining room.

I remember when I first bought my Lil Mynx in Fresno, California where they are manufactured (I live nearby). I felt so much excitement about bringing it home, like bringing home a new baby...almost that intense haha :) 

Really, I was totally excited. We had a little concrete-floored building in our backyard that we called the 'pool house' since we were planning on installing a pool nearby. I bought the rubber pad for the floor since Lil Mynx poles have the rubber feet that are designed to grip your carpet (and they do a good job with that grip.) 

I had my husband help me install it since he was very familiar with where the studs were in the ceiling. I brought in my little stereo and a dance playlist on a CD and went to playing! 

I danced and danced and danced until I was sweaty and sore and learned my first invert

Most beginning pole dancers invest in a removable pole as you can use it in various rooms and it can be stored...just be sure you do your reading here of the various quality (and lack of quality) some of the poles have! This is my list of what to look for before you buy your first pole. 

Here are my suggestions for choosing the best starter pole. But before you decide on one, be sure and check out the different types, styles and brands that are available for personal use.

Not all are professional grade and quality so be sure to read the following reviews. (That's me with my beloved stainless steel Lil Mynx above!)

There are four different types of materials that pole are most commonly made of: chrome, stainless steel, titanium gold and brass.

The steel and chrome are easier to execute spins and is less expensive than brass or titanium; the metal is actually a sturdier material.

The steel is more difficult to hold onto thus creating more strength in the user as opposed to using brass. Also, steel allows for faster spins and transitions than brass.

Brass is a more malleable metal but because of its absorbent quality it is a better material to execute the more difficult inverts and poses on.

Titanium gold is a tackier metal making it a pole that is easier to execute more advanced poses. It absorbs body oils better and your skin will stick to the brass better than on the steel or chrome. If your hands tend to get sweaty or you have a hard time sticking to a pole, then brass is the best option. 

Brass is a great pole for a beginner since less strength is needed to be able to hold on. 

There are three popular brands of poles that are of good quality: Lil' mynx, X-pole and Platinum Stages. All three of these brands are of good quality but they all have their pros and cons so it would be wise to review my brief summaries on each page to compare them for yourself.

There are some other popular brands that are of a lesser quality as far as sturdiness and longevity such as the Carmen Electra and Peekaboo kits.

We want to see your dance pole!

What type of dance pole do you own or use? What do you like and don't like about it? Would you purchase the same pole again?

Share your story and photo of you with your pole!

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