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A stripper pole rental is an eye-catching prop that will definitely draw attention to your event! Do have a big party, expo, convention or media production coming up? Rent a dance pole!

What is a Stripper Pole?

A stripper pole is basically a dance pole usually made out of steel or brass and can be finished or coated with chrome, titanium gold, powder, paint or even silicon. It’s called a “stripper” pole because pole dance came from what we know as ‘strip clubs’ where men and women entertain patrons as “strippers” or exotic dancers and dance on a pole (or without) while seductively removing their clothing. Pole dancing with all of the flips, tricks, climbs and spins as we know it today in the fitness world, originated here and thus the “stripper pole”.

You don’t have to be an exotic dancer or a “stripper” to be able to use a dance pole. You don’t even have to know how to pole dance! But there are some important safety precautions anyone should take when attempting any moves on a dance pole.

The types of stripper pole rentals you will find will be free standing stages and poles. A freestanding dance pole is basically a stage that is assembled with a dance pole that does not need to be attached at the ceiling. The stage is normally designed to hold the pole in place in the center and different companies/manufacturers will have different load/weight capacities so check with your rental place to see what these are.

Quality stages like All Star StagesPlatinum Stages and X-Stages are designed to be able to have a pole dancer be able to climb, spin and do horizontal tricks without his or her safety being compromised.

Rent a Dance Pole!

Rent a pole for your:

  • Private party such as a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party
  • Corporate/business event
  • Music Video
  • Media Production
  • Competition
  • Expo
  • Convention
  • Casino entertainment
  • Promotional Event

Precautions for Stripper Pole Rental!

Be sure to know what the weight/load limits are for both the pole and the stage.

Find out if the unit is designed to be abel to do climbing, spinning and tricks or if it is just for holding onto while dancing AROUND it with feet still on the stage

Find out if heels can be used on the stage surface without causing damage. Some companies refinish each of their stages after each rental because of scuffs and scratches caused by heels.

Also, here are other safety precautions for your guests to follow that want to get on the pole!

Where can I rent one?

Here are the listings for places that have stripper pole rentals. 

United States















New Jersey

New York

North Carolina



South Carolina





Gold Coast



United Kingdom

All UK Listings

Do you want to BUY a dance pole?

If you are interested in purchasing a pole, whether a portable stage unit or just a pole that you can install in a room in your dorm, home or dance studio, check out my dance pole comparison sheet that outlines all of the various pole types, features and price ranges of the different brands.  

Stripper Pole Rental > Freestanding Dance Pole

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