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Check out these top 10 stripper movies with fantastic striptease and lap dance scenes you can get some inspiration from!

Starting from #10....

"Planet Terror" stars Rose McGowan in a sparkling sequined get-up swinging around a brass pole (great metal for sticking to for tricks, by the way!). She is quick and powerful in her accent moves and paces her dance to a strong, fast beat.

Moving up to #9...

Rebecca Romijn in "Femme Fatale" uses her sexy charm in some Victoria Secret-like black-lace bra and panty set (see, we all have something sexy hidden in our closet!) grinding on a jukebox and ultimately on the pool table...oops! and starts a man-brawl, which she seems to, sexy just can't keep us out of trouble (hee-hee)

And our #8 star...

The lovely Jessica Biel in "Powder Blue" accidentally (And extremely sexily!) starts to sensually move all over her estranged father (huge OOPS!) in a private dance room at a strip club. 

All too infamous #7...

Elizabeth Berkeley in "Showgirls" (one of my favorites and sooo x-rated!) Her moves around the pole are powerfully sexy, quick and entertaining. I want to try the pole lick...and I love the Prince song!

One of the classics in stripper movies, #6...

Jennifer Beals in "Flashdance" gives us a hot look at using water, an ordinary chair and ballet moves (a great way to get good alignment and power into your moves) in a stage dance. Her wild, hard moves are awesome!

And getting hotter, at #5...

Natalie Portman bares it and mesemerizes her single-man audience in "The Closer" with her pink wig and sparkly fringe. Her sexy, simple moves show us that being near-bare and alone in front of a male are the basics of a good lap dance.

Cuter and hotter of the stripper movies still at #4...

Salma Hayek in "Dogma" with her pigtails, school-girl eyeglasses, bubblegum and thumb sucking are too much! She turns up the fun heat on stage with her simple pink satin bra-and-panty get up.

Sensual (and scary!)...

And again Salma Hayek in "From Dusk till Dawn" is on the stage with a snake before she turns in a bad girl - a vampire - and takes out one of the members of her audience :(

So very hot at #3...

Kim Basinger in one of my all-time favorites "9 1/2 Weeks" (I loved the book too by the way!) smoulders out of a business suit to complete nudity...yay!

On fire at #2...

Jamie Lee Curtis in "True Lies" uses her bedposts as a pole and is sexy in her attempts at spicing up her marriage. She's still sexy as she clumsily falls and gets right back up into some bedpost-licking that makes her audience drop their cover...

And the all-time favorite and hands-down ultimate sexy dance at #1...

Demi Moore in "Striptease"! This dance and this woman are AMAZING! I so want to do a routine like this...especially the one with the man's coat and tie. The boa feathers are hot too...

So check out all of the clips in the video above or rent the movies and look for some ideas and inspiration to use in your own routines!

Learn how to
lap and pole dance yourself!

I know this is all fun and fascinating to watch...but why not try it yourself? There are so many fun benefits to learning how to swing, climb and trick on a pole or to lap dance for your partner...I mean, how fun would it be, on Valentine's Day or your anniversary, to let your man know you have a little surprise for him...sit him in a chair, slink out of your robe and reveal some leather or lace and go to work mesmerizing him!

These fun stripper movies show different ways of dancing sexy such as with your partner in a chair or in front of you, on a stage, in a chair or on a pole. 

If you are a beginner, check out this page where you can start out with some strengthening exercises even if you don't have a pole. You can also learn how to lap dance with my step-by-step tutorial!

Stripper Movies > How to Lap Dance

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