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I still remember the day I took the Stripper 101 class in Las Vegas...I was nervous and excited as I had never been on a pole yet but had read a lot about pole dancing. It cost me all of $40 to take an 1 1/2 hour class. My mom, sister and I were in Vegas for my 30th birthday.

I had read Sheila Kelley's book, learned how to give a lap dance from it, had purchased some 6" shiny black stripper heels and black booty shorts and I was ready to dance!

But boy, did I get dizzy! The instructor, Kendra, was wonderful. The room was crowded, there were glowing light-up poles and exotic decor and dim lighting...all the perfect setting to learn how to do our spin and give a lap dance! We used empty chairs of course and learned all of the fun and sexy stuff that strippers do to make their customers empty their pockets! 

It was incredible fun...I got sweaty, laughed and giggled with the other girls and tried to hog a pole to myself! I was immediately addicted when I got that fireman spin down.

I kept looking around the room as I spun so I became dizzy to say the least...and I didn't realize how breathless it would make me! I was also wobbly in my stilettos...I hadn't quite learned how to hopscotch in them as I can now!

Most of the girls that had obviously purchased the class hung about on the walls...I was surprised. But I sort of didn't care since there were only so many poles and I really didn't want to share...oh, I have to admit I felt like I was on the playground at school again and had the swing!

I ended up with a photo posing on the pole and a tight black t-shirt that says "Stripper 101" on the chest and a life-long love for the pole. But I have to say it was worth just getting the t-shirt!

Next time you're in Vegas take the class...for fun or to try it out. Here is the link to their website:

Stripper 101 > Sexy Dancing > Learn Pole Dancing 

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