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Strength training for pole dance is an integral part of increasing your level of skill on the pole. You cannot push your muscles to their limits every day without increasing yoru risk of injury, so here are my thoughts and how I train for pole.

Let me know what your way of increasing your pole strength are below:)

What exercises should I do? I just want to pole dance.

  • Body weight exercises are a great place to begin. Chin ups, pull-ups, planks (side planks too), core exercises, push ups (wide and narrow), burpees, lunges, squats, tricep dips on a chair or bench. 
  • Incorporate these into a segment of your pole dance training, probably at the end of your pole trick practice (the last 10-15 minutes) so that you can squeeze out your remaining strength on these and not on the pole.
  • Strength train on your pole. Do Pole Pull-Ups, push ups from a handstand position and crunches from a Cross Ankle Release position. 
  • Check out my eBook "Pole Power" for more exercises in detail you can do on and off the pole to build your strength. 

I go to the gym too...what can I do there to increase my STRENGTH for pole dancing?

  • The gym is a great place to do the body weight exercises above.
  • The gym is also great for starting a weight lifting regimen. When most women lift weights, they DO NOT get bulky. You just get harder and leaner...and sometimes meaner on the pole! 
  • Learn to use the machines and equipment there as well such as the Roman Chair, the Smith Machine and the Squat Rack. 
  • Don't be afraid of the weight room. Try starting out lifting just the 45 lb Olympic bars and add 5 lbs to the bar each week. In no time you will be squatting your own body weight and deadlifting, an awesome back builder.

How often should I train?

  • Pole dance and body weight exercises or weight lifting are all types of exercises that are designed to increase your muscle strength, and it is commonly recommended to workout like this EVERY OTHER day. This gives your body time for rest and the recovery period for your muscles.
  • Do a cardio, non weight-bearing exercise on the days in between like swimming, strip tease cardio, Zumba or walking. 
  • Take one whole day off per week at least. You need not only the physical rest but mental, emotional and psychological. These all tie in with your ability to get stronger, keep pushing on and raising your skill level. If you are too exhausted, then you are only going to set yourself up for failure and possible injury when pole dancing.

Can't I just keep learning my pole tricks? 

  • When you start out pole dancing, you automatically start getting stronger just by practicing the tricks or spins. Don't let this fool you into not adding other strength training exercises to your workouts.
  • You can add in some muscle building moves in learning a new trick like a Shoulder Mount that maybe you can't perform fully yet. Get into position and lift up onto your toes and then at some point you will be able to get your toes off of the floor a couple of inches. Keep doing the starting step over and over and build your strength and technique up this way.
  • You can use the above method with learning almost any new pole trick, especially the advanced moves

Other tips for strength training for pole dance:

  • When you get to learning the more advanced moves, you will be glad you added in the extra minutes of training early one. 
  • Try ballet conditioning for pole dancing...the techniques, skills, and exercises that you will learn from just even basic ballet will increase your flexibility, strength, and fluidity in your dance.
  • Eat a well-rounded, clean diet.
  • Keep hydrated with fruit water (slices of fruit in pitcher of water) or water with citrus slices in it for electrolyte replacement
  • Cross train as well. Try running, inline skating, belly dance, yoga or outdoor bicycling. Check out my free eBook "Cross Training for Pole Dancers

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