Stop Sweaty Feet While Pole Dancing

How to stop sweaty feet while pole dancing...there are lots of tips to try here if you have a problem trying to learn a pole dance trick, putting on layers of grip aid and you still are slipping!

If you are plagued by sweaty hands and feet, you know how difficult and messy pole dance can be! Some try product after product that do not work and build up too much product that creates more mess and less of the sought-after grip. If this is you, here are suggestions for you to try…and I am sure you probably have tried some of them. Hopefully you can find one or two new ideas to try J

 Products to try on your sweaty feet (or hands!)

  • Distilled white vinegar. Use a lint-free towel and spray undiluted distilled white vinegar on it and wipe the pole as well as your feet and hands.
  • You can also try the above method with Windex or rubbing alcohol
  • Dry Hands
  • Tite Grip– an antiperspirant for hands
  • Mighty Grip - a very nice chalky product that I swear by
  • Ghost Grip
  • You can also experiment with mixing your grip aids…I like to put Tite Grip on and mix Mighty Grip powder with it…creates the perfect grip paste for me.
  • Dew Point. This is a spray that can be used after moisturizing and also provides great grip and doesn’t stop a good pole spin by too much grip. Heaven!
  • Try Tack Shoes. This totally takes away the learning experience of using bare feet, but it will work if nothing else does.
  • Try using trainer shoes
  • Pole Armour is a great grip sleeve that can be placed on your pole that not even sweat or clothing can hinder your training
  • Vinyl stripper heels also provide some grip, if you use heels that have no cloth, laces or metal embellishments on them to interfere with contact with the pole.
  • If your excessive sweating is a case of hyperhydrosis, there are products that contain aluminum chloride such as Driclor, ZeaSORB and Anhydol Forte to stop sweaty hands/feet. These products work by blocking the opening to sweat glands. Follow all directions properly.
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Other Way to Help Stop Sweaty Feet While Pole Dancing

  • Moisturizing. We all want smooth and soft skin, I know I can’t hardly stand to walk away from a shower and not put on lotion or cream because my skin gets so dry from the summer heat here in California. Normally if I am going to pole later in the day and I shower in the morning, I won’t moisturize – but there is always Dew Point that allows me to have grip even after my lotion is on my skin!
  • Try gel-based moisturizers or Pole Physics, an awesome non-slick body lotion especially designed for polers 
  • If you are getting sweaty from anticipation or anxiety, stop, take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy your pole journey. Your instructor(s) and classmates are there to support and help you. Take things at your own pace. 
  • If you are getting too sweaty just from the physical exertion of pole dance, stop, take a break, wipe yourself down and cool off. Then get back to work! 
  • As you get stronger and learn more, you will be able to perform moves with more ease, possibly reducing the sweat from exertion. Keep practicing! 
  • Keep your pole clean too. Even though this doesn't specifically stop sweaty feet while pole dancing, it helps tremendously if you are sweaty. The slime that can build up from grip aids and sweat mixed together isn’t going to help you. Clean it off. 

 Hopefully, you found one or two ideas to stop sweaty feet while pole dancing here. Check out my other pole dance safety tips and ways to help if you are having trouble sticking to the pole.

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