Shoulder School DVD by Fit & Bendy 

The Shoulder School DVD by Fit & Bendy’s Kristina Nekyia is 1 hour long DVD that has:

  • A warm up to get your shoulders ready for the workout
  • Rotator cuff activating and strengthening exercises
  • Scapular stabilization exercises
  • Pull-up Prep
  • Twisted Grip Prep (with Elizabeth Blanchard!)
  • Upper Back Strengthening
  • Handstand Prep
  • and Range of Motion exercises

The workout is simple to follow with Kristina going over all of the muscles you are using in each exercise, their importance and function in movements that you may do in your sport. The workout requires a light resistance band and a pole or something to attach the band to. You can find a resistance band at a local sporting goods store or online.

I found while I first started doing the Shoulder School DVD workout that my muscles were burning! The movements are small and the resistance is light but I didn’t realize that by turning “off” my big muscles like lats, biceps and other muscles that are normally used in strength moves, I could access all of these small stabilizing muscles like my sub-scapularis and rotator cuff muscles and work them out too.

I have found that my posture is better and I have trained my shoulders and back to stay in good form when I am doing heavier resistance work, handstands or lifting myself on the pole.

What I loved about Fit & Bendy’s Shoulder School DVD

Kristina talks about how the shoulder is one of the most unstable joints in the body – which is great for getting a huge range of motion but not so great when it is taking on a lot of weight such as body weight and force from sports like gymnastics, aerial arts and pole dance.

She goes over the ligaments and muscles that hold the shoulder all together, how they work and what you can do to keep this joint strong and functioning properly to avoid injuries that come so easily to this area of the body.

I had a burning, pinching sensation in my right shoulder one year at Pole Expo and I wanted to cry trying to get through all of the workshops I had purchased. I was so frustrated, I knew I had to do something about this – I was pole training every week, lifting heavy weights and doing a lot of bodyweight exercises.

I am so thankful that Kristina had her Fit & Bendy vendor stand there and I was able to show her my shoulder and get the Shoulder School DVD that she recommended.

I took her advice and stopped all training and started doing the exercises in the video. I am so very grateful, I think this saved me from something a lot more serious. My shoulder is still a little creaky at times, but I know what to do to get it functioning well.

She also goes over correct posture for accessing the muscles we need for these athletic endeavors as well as scapula strength and placement, something that is so very important in pole dance when learning to hold one’s body weight on the pole and to maneuver it around.

Kristina’s knowledge and expertise in this area is phenomenal. Although this isn’t the “fun” trick-out pole work we all want to be doing, this is essential, important work to do if you want to not only strengthen your shoulder area and build good habits to begin with but also to keep healthy shoulders or to correct imbalances and prevent injuries.

Where can I get a copy?

You can get a copy of the DVD at Kristina's website She also has:

Bendy Body DVD - great for increasing range of motion for all levels

Get Bent DVD - focused on splits and backbends

These come in both DVD and streaming formats. 

Follow Fit & Bendy on Facebook at FitAndBendyContortionTraining and Instagram at @fitandbendy

She has lots of free videos on YouTube with tons of helpful information about flexibility, strength and correcting imbalances. Find her channel at FitandBendy

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