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There are several well-known, reputable brands of dance poles available including:

Dance Pole Characteristics

Removable or stationary? You can choose a removable or stationary pole. 

Static or spinning? There are static dance poles which mean they do not spin or move, they stay still while you are working on them. Spinning poles spin while you are working on them. Somme poles have both static and spinning modes which is great if you eventually want to learn on spin. Usually there is a small lock or mechanism that will lock/unlock to change modes.

Which metal is best? There are stainless steel, chrome finished, titanium gold, brass, powder-coated and painted poles available. Each finish feels, looks and works differently with grip. 

  • Stainless steel
  • Chrome
  • Titanium gold
  • Brass
  • Powder-coated
  • Painted

Pole Size: 40 mm, 45 mm or 50 mm? Which size is right? Size varies and makes a difference with your grip as well. Most competition poles that are used are 45mm, chrome finish poles. This is important if you are training for a competition or showcase. I found 50mm was great for me to start with because the grip was wonderful for my hands and legs. I have never tried a 40mm although I think it would feel too small for my hand grip but may work well for someone with really small hands. 

Affordable No-Brand Dance Poles

This pole is one of the sturdiest chrome finish, 45 mm pole for under $100! It fits 7 1/7 - 9' ceilings and is removable. It has both static and spin options and holds up to 400 lbs. Click the image for more info. 

Read more on my No-Brand Dance Poles page.

Lil Mynx Dance Poles

Lil Mynx Dance Poles comes in stationary, static and both; powder coated in several colors or stainless steel; can be custom cut to fit ceiling heights below 8' and come in up to 10' ceiling height for removable poles. Stationary poles can come in higher ceiling heights. 

Click the banner here to explore their website! 

Lupit Dance Poles

Lupit Pole is a newer pole manufacturer who creates dance poles that are stationary, removable, stage/free-standing, competition grade and poles made for both home and studio use.

They come in chrome, stainless steel and brass. 

Platinum Stages Dance Poles

Platinum Stages Dance Poles sell removable, permanent/stationary and free-standing stage dance poles; they also sell glow poles as well as lighting accessories for creating that perfect atmosphere. 

Click the banner to explore their website. 

X-Pole Dance Poles

X-Pole is a world-wide known brand and their poles are used in lots of competitions and conventions such as Pole Expo in Las Vegas. 

I personally own two X-Poles, one brass and one chrome finish; they are both 45mm sized and removable. I have 10' ceilings and use the permanent mounts with them. They are amazing! The brass is super grippy for learning new tricks and the chrome is wonderful for spinning. I have both poles with static/spin modes. 

Novelty Stripper Poles

The dance poles that I would classify as novelty stripper poles are:

  • The Carmen Electra pole
  • MiPole
  • Poles sold at novelty stores such as Spencers and Hot Topic

Novelty dance poles would be something that you get as a fun gift or accessory for a room. These are not designed to take weight for doing spins or inverts or any weight-bearing moves/tricks. 

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