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Want to know the best way to get fit fast and while having loads of exhilarating fun? Sexy dancing!

There are several sensual styles of dance that are becoming more mainstream and accepted as fitness venues in gyms and pole studios all over the world. No longer do you find women on poles in just dark, seedy nightclubs; they are around the corner in your city and filled with moms and grandmas and young women all having a blast getting fit!

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing can be absolutely addicting. Once you try it, you may not be able to get off of it! Using a vertical metal pole to climb on, swing around, invert and hold advanced poses on strengthens your body in ways you couldn't just using weights in a gym or running on a track.

It is most similar to doing gymnastics, yoga and rock climbing all put together into one fun and sometimes very exhilarating workout.

Exotic and Erotic Dancing

We aren't talking about becoming a stripper here...just learning how a stripper moves! They don't have those incredible bodies because they sit around or go walking every day. Exotic dancing brings out the sensuous tiger in all of us! You can learn a lap dance and how to do a pole spin and other moves in a fun Stripper 101 class! 

Erotic dance is similar to exotic dance but uses more "stripper" moves (see 'striptease' below). 

Lap Dancing

Lap dancing can make a special gift for a special someone! Learn how to lap dance and give him a gift he will never forget...! Lapdancing can also make an incredible workout...check out Carmen Electra's dance routines here! 


Strip teasing (a great way to undress!) is a sexy skill to incorporate in several sexy dance styles-or use it for fun in the bedroom!

It has also been created into a cardio workout by Carmen Electra and others...a sexy, sweaty, fat-burning way to get fit!

Belly Dancing

Belly dance is a super-sensual, sexy way of dancing - shimmies, hip drops, rocks, booty bouncing, belly rolling, and long, lovely lines of undulating moves. I think this style of dance has a hot repertoire of moves that you can incorporate into your pole routines and floorwork


Burlesque is a fun, frilly way of telling a story on stage - it also has some incredibly hot moves that can be used in your pole routines. This style uses lots of props and sometimes chairs. Rodney James aka Mr. Burlesque has a great video "Burlesque Beat" as well as others that you can learn from. 

More Sexy Dancing...

There are also some other types of dancing styles that are excellent ways for women to tighten their bodies as well as enhance curves and strength: zumba, gogo, burlesque and chair dancing all work in a great cardio session as well as flexibility, fluidity of movement and power moves.

done mostly in pole, exotic and erotic styles of dance, enhances flexibility as well as lengthen and tone the muscles. Ever see a pole dancer slide down the pole and land in an awesome display of split legs? Well, this is how it is done!

It is within the reach of every woman who has ever dreamed or fantasized about being that lean, fluid and beautiful creature on stage with lights flashing all around and the audience in awe.

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