S Factor

by Tabby
(San Diego, CA)

When I bought my pole I needed one that could be taken down if I needed it to be. My very first pole I bought at Hustler. I used to work at the retail store and it was my birthday, so I got a good discount on it. My very first pole was a Pink Lil Minx pole. It bolted to the ceiling, but you could take it down if you needed to.

When I got to my new apartment the managers did not want me bolting anything into the ceiling so I needed a pole with a compression pad. So I found S Factor. I bought the Chrome and 50 mm. I have small hands so a smaller pole would have made better since, but I figured if I can handle 50mm then the others are a breeze. But I didn't know that chrome was so slippery. I am a person that sweats every where! So I invested in a lot of grip aids. Some times they work and some times they don't.

I also bought that pole because it has spinning capability and I wanted to make sure that if I was ready to move forward in technique then I didn't have to buy another. I had no idea that X-Pole and platinum even existed. So I don't know I might change poles, but they are expensive.

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Apr 04, 2015
Lil Mynx vs XPole
by: Sara

Hi Tabby, so awesome you have stayed determined to have that pole near you for learning and practice! I started out with Lil Mynx 50 mm chrome a static one..then went to spinning/static. Now I moved to a house with tall ceilings and invested in an XPole and am so very glad I did!

I had to put some money aside for months but I really, really wanted it.

Happy poling!

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