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A removable stripper pole is good to have so that you can use it in different rooms of your house, be able to take it down if you don't want company to see it and can't install a stationary one if you don't own the house or don't want to bolt anything to your ceilings or floors.

This type of dance pole is good for studios that may use their fitness or pole rooms for other exercises than pole dancing such as yoga classes or aerobics. The poles can be removed yet are as stable as stationary ones providing you purchase the better quality ones.

Most of all of the major pole manufacturers make removable poles because they appeal to pole dancers because their ease of portability. X-Pole, Lil Mynx and Platinum Stages all make them as well as the Carmen Electra Pole and lesser quality poles such as the Peekaboo Pole which is best for just dancing around and teasing, not climbing on, spinning on learning tricks.

The Austrailian Erectapole and Partygal Poles , the author of The Housewife's Guide to the Practical Striptease and the The Housewife's Guide to the Practical Striptease Survival Kit

also make stripper poles that can be taken down and stored.

Keep in mind that some of the lesser-known brands of poles may not have the stability and durability that a pole such as the X-Pole might have. Some of these poles may be ok for dancing around, teasing on or maybe some spins.

Check out the assembly instructions for the Partygal Pole...I don't think I would be doing any inverting on this!

The Erectapole looks a little stronger as tricks are obviously being performed on it:

Dance poles that can be taken down are made for those who want a pole in their bedroom, living room or kitchen where they can try it out without the audience of a class-some women don't want to take a pole dancing class because they lack the confidence or are shy about the whole idea. Having a pole in your home means you can try moves in privacy and make your mistakes without embarrassment.

This is not to say that pole dancing lessons are only for the pros...most pole classes and studios are "newbie-friendly" they welcome you to try and get it wrong because they can help you correct whatever it is that you are doing wrong and don't forget...the other students can be very encouraging as they are learning themselves and all learn from each other.

Having a pole at home means that you can practice what you learn if you take a class or watch one of the many great instructional dvd's that are available ...and learn at your own pace while you build that much-needed strength in those muscles, joints and tendons!

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