RAWR with Rodney James
Burlesque Edition DVD

This 90-minute RAWR with Rodney James Burlesque Edition DVD is not only about sexy dance, burlesque choreography and movement – it is about opening yourself up and finding out who is inside of you through dancing. This is about freeing, liberating the sexy creature inside of you, being empowered, having fun, smiling and feeling sexy and beautiful. It is about finding confidence and tapping into that inner power. Forget what you look like in the mirror – leave the judgments behind and follow along!

The warm up section is a slow and composed of elegant, easy-to-follow and learn moves that can be used later in the routine. The routine has lots of fun parts that you can also use in floorwork, chair dance or pole dance routines or just for a workout in itself.

The routine instructional sections are also easy to follow and Rodney gives lots of correct and incorrect demonstrations so that you can get your form right for the choreography. The choreo again is sexy, pretty, elegant, clean and can be used in so many other dance disciplines. The moves can be slowed down or sped up. He goes over positioning for your eyes, chin, shoulders, hands and helps you to get beautiful lines in all of your moves.

What I liked about the RAWR with Rodney James DVD

Something I loved about RAWR with Rodney James Burlesque Edition is that it starts with this great introduction of the cast – 11 “every-day” women, a schoolteacher, a physical therapist, a housewife - not fitness trainers or professional dancers – although there are dancers and dance instructors in there! But it just showed me that anyone can do this – RAWR or Burlesque Beat, another of Rodney’s fun dance DVDs – have fun, learn some new moves and most importantly learn something about themselves.

In all, I enjoyed this DVD a lot and will be learning and using these moves, maybe even the whole routine!

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More about Rodney James...

Rodney James (aka Mr. Burlesque) is a professional dancer who started his career early in life and started performing as a teenager in major shows. He now teaches his brand of burlesque everywhere and his message includes empowerment and confidence-building for women and to help them to improve their lives through reconnecting with their inner sensual, sexy selves. 

He is also the founder of "The Mojo Movement" a fitness system that will not only take your confidence to new levels in all areas of your life but also help to awaken your body and increase your comfort with movement. You can read more about "The Mojo Movement" here.

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