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Poledance Playground creates unique pole wear that is comfortable, easy to pole dance in as well as sexy and stylish! I interviewed creator Vicky Chang about her pole dancing experiences as well as her fun line of pole dance shorts and tops.

How were you first introduced to pole dance?

My old roommate convinced me to try a class at S Factor. I'm a big believer in trying everything at least once, so I did and ended up loving it.

What was it about the dance style that intrigued you?

Hah, honestly I liked the fact that it allowed me to express myself in a dark room where it felt like no one was watching or judging.

What has pole dance done for you personally?

Pole is a great stress relief and it's given me more confidence. It has also pushed me to try new things - whether it's yoga, CrossFit or dance.

How long have you been poling?

I did pole for 5 years.

How did you learn?

By taking classes at S Factor, Pole Garage, and Evolve Studio.

Do you think we can blend other dance styles, for instance Latin,or burlesque with pole dance?

Yes absolutely. My friend and client, Sergia Louis Anderson is a perfect example of this. She combines dance, artistry, and athleticism in pole.

I think the Girls Next Door Show is a good exemplar of blending dance styles together win pole.

What inspired you to start your company?

I created PoleDance Playground clothing line in 2008. I wanted to make clothing that was sexy, functional, and flattered many different body types.

What advice would you give to pole dance students?

Have fun:) Do some strength and flexibility classes

What is your favorite pole trick?

The Jackknife.

What was the hardest thing for you to learn in pole?

Haha, everything. I'm not a natural by any means. I have to work at all pole tricks.

Do you have any new personal 'pole goals' for yourself?

To be more free and loose with my body.

What are your thoughts about pole dancing being associated still in our culture with 'stripping' and erotic dance?

I think it's unfortunate but I don't like to spend too much time on what others think.

What motivational statement would you make to a frustrated pole dancer that is having a hard time progressing?

Practice and train. Also, If you're having a really hard time with a trick, practice another one and come back to the trick that's troubling you. Sometimes it's mental and if we rest and let the body do what it wants to do, the trick may come more naturally.

Tell us about your Poledance Playground clothing line...the shorts and tops are beautiful! 

When I started pole I had a hard time finding shorts and tops that I could wear. A lot of them were too skimpy and not made to work out in. I wanted shorts that were cute and functional, but They also needed to provide enough coverage for pole tricks.

That was the birth of our classic side tie short. I initially did a few samples for myself. Then we started working with S Factor and things took off from there. Today, we work with over 400 studios across the country and ladies still love our side tie shorts

Do you have any new products coming out that you can share with us?

Our newest product is the pop short with a matching criss-cross top in wet black. It's a shiny material that gives a sexy look but it's not super thick like patent materials.

Where can we purchase Poledance Playground pole wear?

We have studios and stores nationwide that carry our line. You can visit our website for locations. We're currently a wholesale distributor, but plan to open it to the public in the near future. 

In the Los Angeles area, you can go to the store Pure Delish, The Vertitude, The Choreography House, or Evolve Dance Studio

What is unique about your clothing line?

Our side tie shorts are flattering on many different body types. The cotton material hugs the right curves and it is very comfortable to pole and stretch in.

Do you have a 'pole hero'?

My pole hero is Sergia Louise Anderson from the Vertitude. She is such a performer. She embodies skill, artistry, athleticism, and sensuality all at the same time!  Not an easy feat! 

I also appreciate Natasha Wang because she always pushes the envelope and is a leader in our industry.

Is pole dance 100% of your life's work now or do you work in another career as well?

I'm a Media Director at an advertising agency by day, but PoleDance Playground is my baby.

Do you have any new projects in the works to share with us?

We are sponsoring Pole for a Purpose, August 9th in Tampa FL. Cleo will be performing and it's for a great cause so are very excited about it.

We also debuted our new logo and will be upgrading our website to make it easier for our clients.

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What is your Youtube channel, Instagram, Facebook, Blog/site contact for those of us who would like to follow or learn more about your line of pole dance wear?


Twitter is @pdplayground


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