Pole Tricks Handbook
by Natasha Williams

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Natasha Williams has written and illustrated the “Pole Tricks Handbook” that I recently purchased and began using. This downloadable and printable e-book contains over 125 illustrated tricks to learn for intermediate and advanced pole dancers including:

  • Aerial Bodywave
  • Ayesha Handspring
  • Blade Drop
  • Bud (need some flexibility!)
  • Chinese Superman (gravity defying!)
  • Gemini to Thigh Hold
  • Invert Hip Circles
  • Dare Devil
  • Pencil Spin
  • One Leg Climb

And many more fun and challenging poses, spins, climbs and tricks that could essentially keep an intermediate and newly advancing poler – maybe even very advanced pole dancer busy having fun attempting and learning this long list of moves.

She also goes over a wide variety of pole grips, and how to do the basic invert, pole climb and pole sit in the beginning of the book.

Learning to pole dance from a Book?

I know learning a physical move from just words can be rather difficult – I need to SEE something in action sometimes before I can understand it.

If the words and pictures are good and clear enough, I can imagine it. In Pole Tricks Handbook, Natasha’s instructions are not only clear, but easy to understand and each part of the movement is illustrated with a photo of how that would look. She gives further description on how the movement should feel and other tips.

I also like how she gives tips on how to make some moves look more impressive. She also lets you know which moves from the first book “Pole Position” (included with this one free!) you should master before moving on to the more advanced version.

Variations to each move are also listed and illustrated.

Pole Position, an included FREE e-Book 

This e-Book is great for beginners! I love how instructions and illustrations for some simple, sexy floor moves are given at the beginning as well as some great tips for adding sexiness and sensuality into your pole dancing. There are lots of easy poses, stationary moves, slides, kicks, spins

There is also a detailed section on the basic climb for those just learning. All of the sections also include intermediate and some advanced moves as well. There is also a section on intermediate moves such as the Cross-Knee Layback, the Superman (of Flying Angel as listed here) and Caterpillar.

Where can I find a copy of Pole Tricks Handbook?

The book can be purchased here for $27 and includes another downloadable, printable e-Book “Pole Position A-Z” an easy-to-follow illustrated guide for all levels of pole dancers that includes over 85 step-by-step pole moves.

Natasha has been a part of the Pole Dance Community syllabus committee who has put together a CD-ROM of a wide range – almost exhaustive – library of pole dance moves, spins, poses, hold, and tricks that you can view here.

More about Natasha Williams

The moves in this book are taught and illustrated by Natasha Williams, pole pioneer in South Africa and Master Pole Dance Instructor who has been teaching since 2004.

Her accomplishments include:

  • Being nominated for Pole Industry Award in 2016
  • International Pole Judge
  • Franchise Studio owner
  • Founder of Miss Pole Dance SA
  • Member of IPDFA (International Pole Dance Fitness Association)

You can read my interview with her here and find out more about how she started in the industry. 

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