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Learn the pole invert from floor first before going on to try it from a standing position. The exercises and drills I go over here on this page will help you in the long run to not develop the bad habit of kicking into your inversions. 

Developing your core and learning to tuck into your inverts is much safer. It ensures that:

  • First off, you have developed that core strength needed when you are inverted and learning new tricks;
  • Second that you are using a much safer method instead of focusing on hooking your heel/foot onto the pole to pull yourself into an inverted position. 
  • This way the risk of falling is lessened since you have the strength and control to tuck up/curl up onto the pole using your back, abdominal and core strength rather than the momentum of a swinging leg. Read more about how to NOT kick into inversions!
  • You are building the strength as well to help you to dismount the pole safely from an inverted position. You won't have to let your legs fall and hurt your back or risk falling because you can't hold on. 

Hip Raises with Swiss ball

This is a great exercise to start with to activate the lower abs. This movement is very small, but basically you are lifting your butt off of the floor. (Lol, sorry you can see some of my underwear in the pics!!!)

  • Laying on your back on a yoga mat or soft towel on the floor, with your legs bent and raised off of the floor, hold a Swiss ball between your lower legs and ankles.
  • Shoot the ball towards the ceiling, using your abs to lift your butt off of the floor. 
  • Release and repeat 10+ times. 


  • Don't use your fingers or hands on the floor to help you get your butt up off the floor. 
  • Concentrate on your lower abs. Suck your stomach in and think about or visualize your bellybutton touching your spine. 

Hip Raises with the Pole

This is a great move to start to learn how it feels to tuck up into your invert. 

  • Sit next to your pole with the pole touching your upper rib cage and your hands high on the pole.
  • As you pull down on the pole with your middle, ring and little fingers, concentrate on pulling in your abs and lifting your butt off of the floor and bring your knees up to your chest.
  • It is a very small movement but it is the first start to getting your lower body lifted off of the floor with the strength of your core and not momentum of kicking up with the legs.
  • Release and repeat. 


  • Don't hang from your arms and shoulders but keep your back muscles engaged and your fingers (middle, ring and pinkie) pulling down when you do the movement. 
  • Keep your abdominals engaged as well. This will help you to develop their muscle endurance.

Pole Leg Lifts/Crunch from floor

I love this drill! It's a great way to build your abs and lift those legs up. 

  • Lay on your back on a yoga mat or towel on the floor with the pole at the very top of your head.
  • Reach up and grasp the pole with both hands above your head.
  • Slowly and with control, lift both legs, keeping them straight.
  • Curl up concentrating on using your abs to get your feet past one side of the pole. 
  • Slowly lower your legs, keeping them straight, concentrating on using your abs and lower to the floor.
  • Repeat and get feet past the other side of the pole. 


  • To make it a little more challenging, don't let your legs touch the floor before you repeat. 
  • Also, use your hands on the pole more as a stabilizer rather than pulling yourself up with your arms.

Pole Invert from floor

Learning pole invert from floor is the best way to start learning how it will feel once you are into an inverted position as well as learning how to tuck up into an invert.

  • Lay on your back next to the pole, the pole touching your upper rib cage.
  • Hold onto the pole with your arms high.
  • As you pull down on the pole, use your abs to tuck your knees up to your chest and lift your butt up off of the floor.
  • As you are pulling down on the pole, sucking in your stomach to get your butt/hips off of the floor, shoot your outside leg up towards the pole as high as possible.
  • Bring your inside leg up to meet it on the other side of the pole and squeeze your knees, back calf of your outside leg, inner calf of the inside leg together to hold yourself onto the pole. 
  • You just did your first pole invert from floor! 


  • At first keep your shoulders and upper back on the floor
  • As you get stronger, you can barely lift your back and shoulders off of the floor so that you are not touching the floor at all.
  • Learn to do a pole up as well to help build your upper body strength. 

Continuously do these exercises every time you pole. Do these in conjunction with the exercises listed on my page "Don't Kick into Pole Inverts".

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