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I met Danna, the creator of Pole Fitness Dancing, online and wanted to review her programs that are geared mostly towards beginners but with a special focus on those of us that pole dance at home – those of us that may not have a studio nearby or maybe cannot afford a membership there.

Her site has a wealth of information on pole dancing as well as affordable pole starter kits, helpful eBooks, and several online programs that are designed to be used alone at home including:

  • Home Pole Dancing Lessons for the Everyday Woman
  • Beginner Pole Lessons
  • Getting Your Splits for Pole Dancing
  • Get a Strong Dancer’s Core

There is also a section of free lessons on the pole fitness dancing site to get an idea of the quality and content of Danna’s lessons.

You also receive a free eBook “Everything You Need to Know to Get Started Pole Dancing at Home” just for signing up to receive Danna’s great newsletter. Her newsletters ALWAYS come with valuable, relevant and useful information, lots of which you can put to use right away in your training.

What I Loved About Pole Fitness Dancing Lessons

I really like Danna’s way of connecting with the home pole dancer.  A lot of her videos are filmed in a home setting and she shows ways of testing your abilities before going into a move/trick since having a spotter might not always be an option poling alone. 

The lessons are clear and easy to follow along and are not too fast paced – something that I enjoy since I feel like I am slow sometimes and need extra time to “get it”! I also like that in her warm ups she includes classic ballet toning and strengthening exercises, something that I think more pole dancing in general should include.

The that sells for only $47 is a completely downloadable course that offers over 130 video lessons that teach everything from simple warm-ups and moves for someone who may have never even touched a pole to holds, spins and inversions!

The subscription also comes with two bonus video workouts: “Flat and Sexy Abs” and “Amazing Toned Legs”.  The entire course includes:

  • Warm Up Routines
  • Flexibility Exercises and Routines
  • Strengthening Exercises and Routines
  • Beginner Pole Dance Lessons
  • Ultra Basic Beginner Dance Routines
  • And Beginner Dance Routines
  • Intermediate Strengthening Exercises
  • Intermediate Pole Dance Lessons
  • Intermediate Pole Dance Routines

These online pole lessons really come packed with value and is more than worth the $47 you pay for lifetime access to them (along with any new updates). With the one-time purchase you also get access to email Danna directly for help and support and the lessons are viewable on all devices such as your computer or smartphone.

The only thing I would change about the Pole Fitness Dancing lessons is to add in a more detailed “Tips and Techniques” section for deeper detail on questions us home polers may have.

Sometimes I watch an instructional video and understand the instructor but when I go to try it, it seems my brain and body need a little more information between point A and B. This could be close-up shots of the demonstration, modifications or alternatives for the move or additional exercises to work on to get to the place where you can perform it.  

For example, when I was trying to learn to “tuck and tilt” into my invert (no kicking!) it took me six weeks before I could make a simple connection of doing a little “crunch”, looking UP and BACK, losing my fear, pulling my lower core up better and straightening my arms at a specific moment when tilting back. I know it sounds so silly, but I have an incredibly powerful core and arm/leg strength so I didn’t understand why I couldn’t get this simple move. I know that Danna is available to answer all of these types of questions, so you really won’t lack in information with her courses

Perfect for a Complete Beginner!

These lessons are absolutely perfect for someone who has no dance or fitness background or experience! Danna’s lessons – if you follow them in order – take you from warming up your muscles, toning up your body, learning pole safety, gripping, cleaning, using the pole in spin and static modes, grip aids and managing pole grip to learning how to move, climb, spin and invert on the pole.

The lessons for pole dance moves start with beginning level pole grips and wrist/arm safety in learning grips. She takes you from learning posture, poses, stands, walks, body rolls, turns, transitions, slides and floorwork to getting your first climb and basic spins.

The Ultra Basic lesson section includes 3 beautiful routines that once learned can be used as warm-ups since they don’t include any strenuous weight-bearing pole tricks with the exception of a few simple spins and small climbs. They are sexy and the whole routine is broken down into individual lessons that you can take your time learning and mastering.

I’ve Already Been Pole Dancing! Can This Help?

These lessons are also great if you have already taken some classes in a studio or elsewhere online. Not only can you add her pole moves and strength and flexibility lessons in the beginner section to your repertoire, you can continue to learn in the intermediate section things such as:

  • Strengthening exercises to get you ready for inverts and shoulder mounts
  • Leg Hangs
  • Twisted Grip exercises
  • Inverts and Flaghold
  • Beginning handsprings
  • Lots of fun floorwork and creative dance moves
  • And more advanced climbs, sits and spins!

There are also three fun and challenging routines for the intermediate pole dancer that are all broken down lesson-by-lesson that include moves such as the Superman, Side Climb, Spinning Crucifix and more.

All of her instruction is detailed and goes step-by-step with reviews on each lesson.

“Professional Tips for the Beginner Pole Dancer” vBook

The vBook (video-eBook) is jam packed with tips on dancing – stuff that no one else really seems to talk about that will aid you in dancing. The focus is always on tricks or nailing an invert or technique – which are all good and necessary to even be able to pole dance – but what about creating a routine that is incredible to watch? How do we do that? Check out her section called “Dancing Routines with Grace and Ease”.

Also it includes valuable information on flexibility for your whole body regardless of age or size, ways to start or continue strengthening yourself specifically for pole dance and more helpful tips on bruise care, grip, weight loss and diet.

Three video beginner dance routines are also included with this book as well as several illustrated exercises.

Where Can I Purchase Pole Fitness Dancing Lessons?

You can purchase any of Danna’s online programs on her website . Be sure to sign up for her info-packed newsletter and get the free eBook as well. You can follow Pole Fitness Dancing on Facebook, Instagram @polefitnessdancing, Twitter @ PoleFitnessDan and her YouTube channel Pole Fitness Dancing!

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