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Without a few good playlists of pole dancing music, it is difficult to get into a routine. Music inspires, provides a leading dance hand like a good dance partner.

Whatever your type of music is, from 50's oldies to heavy metal rock, you can dance to it. The song and its meaning to you can sometimes bring out the sensuality that bubbles beneath your surface into your moves and make your routine come to life...it will be more than just combinations of spins and aerial tricks...although they can be breathtaking in themselves, when your soul comes out into your dance you are a living piece of art...enough of the poetry...

To create your own lists of great and inspiring pole dance music, look at Amazon, Itunes or Walmart MP3 downloads or internet radio players like Pandora to help you find more songs that are similar to the ones that are already your favorites.

Listening to the radio-especially internet radio with all of its cool functions-can also expose you to music you may not have thought of as good dance music. Good dance music does not always have to be fast or have a throbbing beat to be able to move to...if you listen to the song you can find an undercurrent to move to, like a river.

I have compiled a few playlists for warming up, rocking out, being a flirt and so on! Check them out here. 

If you know the words to a song but can't quite remember the rest...like the artist or the song title, you can search by the lyrics on Lyrics.com or a similar search site.

You can create playlists and share them with friends on Facebook, Twitter or your website for free at Spotify or www.playlist.com.

What's YOUR favorite song to pole dance to?

Share your favorite song that inspires you to grab that pole and dance!

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Morning by the Weeknd 
Love this song, easy to dance to.

"Lollipop" by Framing Hanley 
This is is a sultry, panty-dropping rock song. This man's voice is just so amazing.

Waiting Game - Banks 
Working on a routine to this right now, love it so much!

"Halo" by Beyonce 
I'm pole dancer 7776 I've also danced to Dirt Mary, Red Red Wine, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, If I Were a Boy, Hypmotizing.

"One Time" by Marian Hill Not rated yet
These are great vibes! Trying to find as many songs with this vibe as possible...

"Madness" Not rated yet
I'm working on a routine to "Madness" now and it's a great song to move to.

Stain by Ms. An Thropik Not rated yet
E.T. by Katy Perry Circus by Britney Spears Half on a Baby by Shivaree The Red by Chevelle

"Straight to number one" (sexy rumba version) from Touch & Go Not rated yet
I'm not a pole dancer, i just love to strip and to dance an exotic dances for my husband and the song "Straight to number one" from Touch & Go was the …

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