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Use a pole dancing moves guide and dictionaries to help you learn spins, tricks and poses.

There are several available and hopefully there will be a standardized one available for reference soon. 

As the pole dancing industry grows, standardization in pole trick names and a dictionary that outlines these will come about. 

Some associations such as the Pole Fitness Association have been working towards this. They have offered one dictionary, the 2010 edition as a free, downloadable document. They now sell an updated version on their site for about $50. They also offer a set of flash cards of various pole dance spins, holds, grips and tricks for sale as well.

Pole Dance Community has done an excellent job with their online, FREE to use video dictionary that allows you to view the move, trick, hold or grip in action. Their syllabus can also be purchased from them in CD-ROM format so that you can use for your personal training sessions and offline use. 

The Pole Dance Dictionary is also a FREE to use, online dictionary that has hundreds of moves available to view as well as a circus and workout dictionary to view online as well.

Pole Position and Pole Tricks Handbooks is an outstanding guide and dictionary that gives you a comprehensive list (over 220) of tricks and pole dancing moves and breaks them down in an instructional manner.

The Pole Position A-Z guide covers:

  • Floorwork
  • Accentuating your moves
  • Pole tricks
  • Poses
  • Stationary moves
  • Slides, kicks, spins
  • Mounting the pole and
  • Combing moves

Here is an example page from Pole Position:

Each move is broken down into illustrated, easy-to-understand steps. For $27 you get both of Natasha Williams' books: "Pole Position A-Z of Pole Dancing Moves Illustrated" and "Pole Tricks Handbook Intermediate/Advanced". Click here to order.

Other places to find pole dancing moves guide

  • DVDs. You can also use pole dance instructional dvd's as a guide for your pole journey. The instructors on the videos will usually give you the name of the trick, spin or pose as well as break down the way to perform it.
  • Online lessons. There are also online pole dance lessons that are a great alternative to using a dvd alone or not being able to attend a class at a studio. The online lessons syllabus will almost always list what moves you will be learning. 
  • Studio Veena, a way to take online lessons, has a very comprehensive visual list of everything you will learn from basic spins and holds to advanced grips and tricks. She also puts these in progressive order for your learning. 

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