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My first pole dancing lessons were at Stripper 101 in Las Vegas...I had read The S Factor: Strip Workouts for Every Woman and was ready...or at least I thought I was!

The instructor was great and she showed us the basic Fireman spin. I donned my 6-inch spike platform heels and booty shorts and was gonna be a stripper for an hour...but I wasn't ready for the dizzying spin that followed!

Benefits of Live Pole Dancing Lessons in a Studio

  • You get a live instructor to show you and give you feedback
  • The benefit of having a spotter for more advanced tricks
  • Immediate help for when you aren't "getting it"
  • Correction for mistakes you are making
  • One of the best places to build a network of support 
  • You can learn from other students
  • Place to practice and refresh skills you have already learned
  • Constantly learning something new!
  • If you don't have a pole at home, you've got access to one now

There aren't any studios near me!!!

I know the feeling...I had to commute. But maybe you don't even have that option. Here are some other ways you can still get pole dancing lessons:

  • I also like to use online lessons from Studio Veena ...she is awesome and you can meet so many other pole dancers...from newbies to those that compete at the big competitions. Every Friday night there is an online chat session where you can chime in with your webcam (or not) and also post your videos and get great feedback. Every month there is a challenge which is very exciting to participate in...check it out! It's very affordable, too. Just $20 to try it for a month, or if you like it a lot (and you will-you can learn every pole dance and routine there with Veena's videos) $99 a year. 
  • I have a series of free beginner tutorials for those who are just starting and may not have much strength or flexibility yet

Pole dancing lessons...Its more than aerobics; its more than finding out you can do a heavier superset in the weight room; it is pure empowerment and a rush like no other. Your first spin, then learning to slowly peel your legs out just right, and then the ultimate rush- inverting yourself for the first time!

What to look for in a studio

If you do find a studio near you to take pole dancing lessons, before you invest in a membership for classes at a studio, go over this quick list and don't hesitate to ask some questions because these are directly related to the quality of training you will receive:

1. Since there is not a standardized certification to instructyet, I suggest that the instructor at least be certified as a personal or group exercise trainer from a recognized agency such as ACE or ISSA. There are quite a few studios who do offer their own certifications and some of them do have demanding curriculum that the prospective instructor has to complete before she receives her badge of approval.

If she is 'certified' through another studio, I would research what she has learned and see if they taught safety and if they require a trainer certificate also.

2. Does the studio carry liability insurance to cover you? You will most likely be asked to sign a waiver of liability which releases the studio from being sued by you if you are injured. But insurance still must be carried (or should) and don't hesitate to ask to see it.

3. Are inverts taught in the first six weeks? If so, this is a bad sign. Inverts should be taught after you have had time to build your strength through pole pull-ups, lots of stretching exercises, learning spins and climbs and strengthening your core. This is a sign to me that the curriculum is not properly structured and your safety is compromised.

4. Is there time for a proper warm-up and cool-down in each class? The body needs to be properly warmed up before doing pole work to reduce the chances of pulling a muscle or not being able to get into proper position and falling. Ask what a typical class is like.

5. Does the studio allow newbies to try a beginner classbefore committing to a longer membership? Ask, especially if you are totally new to pole. You can expect to pay for the class, probably about $35, but they may offer a free or discounted class.

6. Is there free time to practice? This is important especially if you don't have a pole at home yet. You want to be able to have some time to practice all of those new moves that you have been learning.

7. Talk to current and past students and ask the instructor for references if you haven't taken a class yet. This is where you will find out how enjoyable the classes are.

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