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Pole dancing instruction has not yet been officially standardized, but it is definitely in the process of becoming a sport that is measured and requires credentials.

Like teaching any other sport or fitness class, whether private one-on-one sessions or in groups, pole dance instruction requires, training, experience, education and recognition from a studio or one of the blossoming pole fitness agencies such as Climb & Spin recognized by the United States Pole Dance Federation. 

I want to become a pole dance instructor. Where should I start?

The first thing that you should do if you are seriously considering becoming a pole dance instructor is to start training.

If you are a total beginner, I would recommend that you start with these preparatory exercises even if you don't own a pole yet. Start building that strength up with a weight-lifting program and lots of stretching and flexibility exercises. 

It is a good idea to get a pole for your own training time at home (or wherever you choose...office?!) whether or not you are able to enroll in a pole dance studio near you for lessons.

Check out the studio and ask the instructor about their class structure, insurance, training and these other questions to make sure it is a quality studio before you invest your hard-earned money for a membership.

If there isn't a studio near you, you can start learning from a dvd course or take some online lessons. 

Either way, you must start training to (a) build your fitness and strength levels up, (b) learn all of the basic spins and transitions and (c) start learning tricks.

Most of the certification programs that I have researched require at least 6 months of previous dance or pole dance training before entering their certification program. So get started!

How do I know if I am learning properly if I am training at home?

If you don't have the access to a good pole dance instructor nearby, you can take online classes with a site that allows submission of email or videos of yourself performing for feedback. Studio Veena offers this with their subscription membership.

There are other sites that offer it as well. Review the online lesson sites listed here.

Are there any other requirements besides being able to pass the certification classes?

It is a good idea to become CPR/AED certified through an agency like the Red Cross. This will lend to your ability to attend a student if they are injured or have an ailment while you are teaching them.

More studios that offer certification programs are requiring personal or group trainer certifications as well through nationally recognized agencies such as ISSA, ACE or NASM. These courses and certifications will help you to have a better knowledge base about the body as well as the effects of training, diet and fitness programs.

How and where do I get certified?

There isn't one nationally or internationally recognized certification yet but there are several studios and agencies that offer certification programs. You can read about and compare them here.

How much can I earn as an instructor?

If you are employed by a studio, you can expect to make an hourly wage unless you are offered a commission on how many students you recruit.

If you are operating your own studio or private training business, you can charge an hourly rate of $35-65 (sometimes higher) or sell memberships to your studio based on different time frames such as monthly or yearly.

How do I start teaching pole dancing?

There are several resources for getting started on your business. Some certification programs such as the one offered by OC Pole Fitness offer a business building module with their program. There is also a great e-book on how to turn your passion for pole into a viable income.

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