Pole Dancing Hollywood Ca

Pole Dancing Hollywood Ca

BeSpun studio located at 5176 Santa Monica Blvd.Hollywood, CA 90029 offers pole dancing classes as well as cycling/cardio endurance classes.

BeSpun's specialized pole dance program will take a student with zero experience and have them performing aerial tricks within six months. Their method of teaching tricks in combination and incorporating dance gives their dancers a fluidity to their routines.

They also offer cycling, core conditioning, cardio kickboxing and contortion-based flexibility training to keep you in top shape, increase your endurance, help you lose weight and increase your flexibility.

For class schedules, pricing and availablity, contact BeSpun at their website or call them at 323-665-5856.

Here is a video clip of one of the amazing instructors known worldwide, Leighann Orsi:

Leighann also has a set of DVDs that you can purchase on their website.

Here is another clip of another Bespun instructor, Alethea Austin:

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