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There's quite a bit you can learn from a pole dancing forum. I have made friends, had others rate my pole dancing and learned new tricks such as what lotion is best to use the day you will be poling, new products used to make your pole grippier, how can I work on my shoulder mount, et cetera, and the list goes on.

Diet, exercise, strip clubs, new pole studios, how to become an instructor, what shoe brands are the name it - if it's related to using a pole for fitness then it is discussed on one of the many pole dance message boards you will find links to on this page. 

Facebook Groups

There are so many different groups that you can join now on Facebook that may be about pole dance in general or are designed with a specific focus. 

Pole Junkies 

Pole Junkies has a great forum and you can see the link to it after you create an account and login.

There are some really good discussions on here such as forums and studios in other countries, an instructors corner, pictures and videos of other dancers, questions and answers for help, a chat site, pole equipment for sale and competitions and events.

Pole Junkies also offers live online instruction where you can use a webcam as the instructor and others use theirs and have an interactive class in your own home! 

Pole Dance Community

Pole Dance Community is a United Kingdom-based forum that represents a group of independent pole dance schools, that have agreed to abide by a code of conduct, ensuring best practise within the fitness pole dancing industry.

There is a grading and accreditation program for instructors as well as students, a five-level syllabus of pole moves and tricks that build in advancement, and a magazine that features dancers, articles, videos and events. The forum is informative and a place where you can ask and answer questions, meet other dancers and instructors, and get good advice!


Poleapalooza Chat Club is a fun and informative. There is a beginner's section, pole tutorials, advanced pole tricks, injuries and problems thread and they will be implementing a Move of the Month contest, allowing users to enter videos and/or photos of them performing the Move of the Month!

Experience Project: I Want to Pole Dance

I Want to Pole Dance is a forum where stories and experiences about pole dancing are shared. This is a small forum,about 25 memebers last time I checked, but very interesting. Add your story and make some new friends! 

Studio Veena

Studio Veena's forum is one of my favorite is like a Facebook for pole dancers! You can post your photos, videos and chat on Friday nights with everyone else via webcam (you can still participate in the chat without one).

There is advice on help and how to perform pole tricks, an instructor's corner, selling and buying pole equipment, pimping your website, discussions on pole dancing in the media, pole accessories and general diet and fitness.

A high quality and informative site, well worth your time to read through the posts.

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