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Pole Dancing for You Volumes 1 & 2 pole dancing DVDs are a great set for beginners to learn from.

The instructor, Edith Aboul-hosn, the creator, founder and instructor of From Mind to Body, has a simple and clear way of verbally instructing and demonstrating moves that were easy for me to learn from. In fact, I learned my first invert at home from these dvds!

I had already attended 6 weeks of pole studio classes at Venus Pole Fitness in Turlock, California, learning floor moves, strength building techniques and spins. 

This is definitely a beginner's DVD but I like it for that reason. It is simple, clear and somehow she makes it easy. You will learn basic exotic dance moves, poses, spins, spin combinations, climbs and inverts as well as a routine.

What you will learn from the Pole Dancing for You DVDs

  • A sexy pole walk she calls "The Exotic Diva Walk"
  • Pole turns
  • Hip circles and grinds
  • Firefly spin as well as several other basic spins that she has colorful names for such as the "Mysterious Girl" and "Rock Your Bottom" spins
  • Basic inversion along with several variations such as the "Snake Inversion", "Star Inversion" and the "Vampire" and the "Strip Off" where you take a shirt off while inverted
  • She shows you how to climb the pole simply
  • And includes a simple pole dance routine of all of the moves you learn in her DVD. I like it!

Edith has an extensive dance background in Latin styles, belly dance and ballet, but she keeps things simple for us. Here is a video clip of the pole dance dvd:

What you will learn from Exotic Dance for You DVD

In her "Exotic Dance for You" dvd you will learn:

  • A wonderful technique for touching your body while dancing called "The Art of Touch"
  • Arching exercises
  • Some sexy hip moves
  • Transitioning to the floor
  • Leg moves on the floor
  • How to get up from the floor "sexy"
  • Simple chair dance moves 
  • A lap dance routine
  • And all of the moves you learn from this DVD are put into an "Exotic Dance Show" routine at the end for you to learn!

Her style is simple, sexy, easy and playful and really, if you have not tried anything in the world of pole dance or sensual dance styles like lap dancing or floorwork, this is an excellent place to begin.

Here is a clip from the exotic dance instruction dvd where she demonstrates floorwork and other exotic dance moves:

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