Pole dancing erotic wear can add some fun, spice and personality to your routines. Erotic wear is another general name for some types of clubwear, lingerie, sexy costumes, stripper outfits, and bikinis (non-swimwear). 

More skin is better in pole dancing, but its not always the best thing at the beginning of a performance, whether for yourself, your lover or if you are performing in a competition. 

Leave something to the imagination by wearing a flowy skirt and top to peel out of when you get ready to climb the pole or wear a rubber-style fabric clubwear dress that you can easily climb and do tricks in on the pole - the right material will even help with grip. 

where can i get pole dancing erotic wear

You can get pole dancing erotic wear from several different sources:

  • Online from stores like BadKitty, The Pole Dancing Shop or Amazon. 
  • You can also look through your closet and make up an outfit yourself!

creating your own erotic wear look

You can create your own sexy persona with these ideas:

  • A man's white button-down shirt, a lacy bra and panty set, a fedora hat and high heels
  • A schoolgirl look with a white blouse tied at your waist, a short red plaid skirt, white thigh-high leggings/stocking (you can probably find some at Walmart) and black heels
  • A bad-azz look with black booty shorts, fishnet stocking, a black bra or cropped t-shirt and thigh-high boots
  • A soft and sweet look using a sheer babydoll nightie, a feather boa, pale colored panty and kitten heels.

where to get other ideas

There are so many fun ideas! 

  • Think about your own personality. Are you bold, brazen and outspoken? Or are you a geek that calls for the sexy schoolgirl look with your glasses? 
  • What about your music selection? Is it hard rock, metal? Does it call for leather and lace? Or is it sweet Gillie Moon that calls for pink and white feathers? Or does Kidd Rock's "Cowboy" call for some chaps and cowgirl boots?
  • Who do you secretly want to be like? Are you shy but have a rocker chick inside? Are you always out there but have a darker quiet side like the character Sheila Kelley plays in "Dancing at the Blue Iguana"? In fact, this is a perfec tmovie to watch to get ideas of all different types of characters and costumes. 
  • Or does 50 Shades of Grey appeal to you...or even 9 1/2 weeks silk stocking and heels?
  • Check out photos of old pinup girls. There are tons of new costumes that are Betty Paige or Marilyn Monroes style. You can create your own with curled hair, a garter set and corset teddy and of course, a sexy pair of high heeled pumps. 
  • A simple pair of short cutoff jeans and white tank top with some high heeled boots or even barefoot can work as erotic wear too. 
  • Remember: The REAL sexiness is YOU and your dance, your expression of yourself. The costume and clothes just enhance it. The most beautiful woman with a wonderful body can be wearing a smoldering outfit but if she lacks confidence in herself and a lack of awareness of her body and her own sensuality, she will be as boring as heck. 

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