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Here are some of the best pole dancing DVDs for beginners for those of you that are just starting out and learning or practicing pole on your own. At least I can say that I have learned things from all of these. There's a place at the bottom of this page for you to leave your review if you have tried any of these before as well :)

Sheila Kelley's Polework 101

Sheila Kelley's S Factor : Polework 101 is one of the first pole dance DVDs I purchased when I first started pole dancing. I first purchased the book "The S Factor: Strip Workouts for Every Woman" and then the Polework 101 DVD. I had purchased my first pole from Lil Mynx and was taking classes at a local studio but wanted to learn more and practice on my own.

Polework 101 helped me to understand the basic Fireman spin better as well as taught me how to walk around the pole, how to strengthen my upper body with Pole-Ups, learn how to pirouette and also how to do the Ballerina spin. 

Sheila is clear, simple and east-to-understand in her instruction as well as fun and encouraging. She also encourages baby steps, which is especially good when you are first learning. I was discouraged at first because I had a hard time even holding myself up on my pole and especially hard time figuring out how I was going to get upside down or climb it. 

Pole Dancing for You

What I really like about this DVD, "Pole Dancing for You", is the simple and elementary way Edith Aboul-hosn (the instructor and creator) demonstrates and explains the moves. In fact, I learned how to do my first inversion with this DVD! 

Almost every spin, pose and invert in this DVD are so simple and easy-to-grasp that I highly recommend this for beginners.

She teaches a sexy walk, pole turns, hip work, a simple pole climb, spins, simple and elegant poses, several combinations of spins, a few simple inversions as well as a routine you can perform from the moves you learn in the DVD. 

Vertical Dance Workout Vol. 1

In this DVD, "Vertical Dance Workout: Let's Get Vertically Fit Vol. 1", KT Coates helps beginners get a great warm up and simple stretching in order to start a pole training session. 

KT Coates goes over lots of tips such as hand placement for spins, feet placement from the pole, speed control and other tips for spin technique. Transitions such as walks, hooks and kicks are also easy-to-understand and a beginner will be able to begin to use these in her routines. 

This DVD has lots of beginner moves as well as some intermediate level moves. You will learn lots of spins and their variations, how to climb and also how to get ready for inversion, first from the floor, then from standing.  

There's also a good section for beginners to start learning how to create a routine, how to make it flow and develop their own style of dance. This is one of my favorite pole dancing DVDs for beginners. 

Pole Exercise Beginner DVD

I love Lucy Misch's DVDs. They are creative and simple and the routines are fun to watch. 

Her first DVD, "Pole Exercise Beginner+Intermediate+Advanced" does have some advanced moves that are a little farther along for the beginning pole student. 

But this DVD is great for a starter in that it has some wonderful strength-building exercises, how to climb, basic spins and how to start learning more advanced moves such as the Scorpio, Gemini, Superman and Shoulder Mount. 

There are over 60 moves taught in this DVD. 

Dr. Amy's Pole Workout

Dr. Amy's Pole Workout Volume 1 is also one of the great pole dancing DVDs for beginners. A chiropractor by trade, Dr. Amy has a good understanding of the mechanics of the body. The DVD's that I purchased of hers included a yellow stretch band that is used in some of the exercises in the video.

The DVD includes a great warm up and stretch routine that you can follow along with at a beginner level with modifications. The warm-up also includes wonderful exercises for the rotator cuff. This also includes a workout that exercises and strengthens the core, legs and upper body.

The DVD also teaches 12 different, simple and easy-to-learn combos that include mostly spins, simple floor work, the Elbow Sand, Fan Kick, a small pole climb and sit. I also like how Dr. Amy puts it all together in a simple beginner-level routine that is modified for those that are not so flexible and it's still sexy and fun. 

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I've covered some of my favorite pole dancing DVDs for beginners on this page but to read more on other Pole Dancing DVDs, click here!

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