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You need several things from your pole dancing clothes...comfort, stretch, good fit, maximum skin exposure without feeling too naked(!) and style. 

Finding the right cut in your booty shorts and tanks that won't ride up can be a challenge as well as finding the perfect outfit for your onstage routine.

Here you will find some great ideas and resources. Finding good quality pole dancing dancewear is important...as you will find out as you start to train or take lessons.

The right-fitting outfit can make all the difference in your training.

What Do I Wear for Pole Dancing?

There are a few different options for your working out on your pole:

  • A good sports bra or bra-top 
  • Booty shorts or pole shorts
  • Tank top (optional)
  • A nude thong (really, whatever color you prefer)

Wearing a sports bra or bra top to do your pole work is preferred because it gives you that extra skin exposure on your ribs, abdominal area and back to help with some positions. I couldn't get my Crucifix until I took off my tank top! My belly fat helped with the grip! 

You can wear a tank if you aren't comfortable in just a bra. I still do in class, at home I wear just the bra and shorts. 

Tanks, sport bras and short stretchy shorts otherwise referred to as "booty shorts" (sort of like hot pants) are commonly used as you need maximum skin exposure for gripping the pole with your skin. 

The nude thong stays invisible for those moves where your shorts might shift and your panty show. I like to feel that I have all areas covered. 

Where to get pole dancing clothes

  • Bad Kitty Exotic Wear
  • Poledance Playground
  • Kup My Kakes
  • Mika Yogawear
  • The Pole Dancing Shop
  • Flirt 
  • Foreplay 
  • Discount Dance
  • Dancewear Solutions

What if I'm performing?

If you are looking at performing a pole dance routine, pole dancing bikinis are a popular choice. 

Pole dancing erotic wear is also a popular choice as the outfits come in many sexy colors, cuts and sparkle to make you shine while in the spotlight!

Pole dancing outfits can also encompass dressing up as a character or creating your own. Costumes like this can be found through places like Bad Kitty Exotic Wear , Flirt Catalog and Foreplay.

The Pole Dancing Shop is a one-stop shopping place for pole dancers...you can find almost everything here from poles, magazines, grip products, shoes, boots, clothes, dvds and accessories! 

The video below gives some good advice on clothing choice when you are beginning to learn pole dancing:

Pole Dancing Clothes > Learn Pole Dancing Home

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