Pole Dancing and Confidence

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Pole dancing and confidence…there is more than enough proof it increases self-esteem and self-confidence. The dictionary defines ‘confidence’ as:

A feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.

Since pole dancing has become more of a mainstream venue for fitness, one of the huge benefits that is reported from those brave souls who have ventured near the dance pole is confidence!

My Experience

pole dancing girl

For me, this is one of the things that attracted me to the pole…over and over again. I felt powerful. I felt like I could FLY! I felt sexy, sensual, ALIVE…I felt the deepest sense of who I was…maybe because of my love of dance and movement, maybe because I hadn’t danced in so many years and pole was the first thing I really let go and delved into.

I’m not really sure of the ‘why’ for me, I just knew that it gave me feelings of strength and the want-to to keep on trying it, growing from it and getting creative with this form of dance.

I would have not tried pole dancing just to gain more confidence; it’s just one of those amazing benefits that come along with it.

How Pole Dancing and Confidence Work Together

Physical exercise in itself releases endorphins, the “feel-good” chemicals that give us a little “natural high.” But I think pole dancing goes a little deeper in that women (I can only speak from a woman’s perspective guys!) get in touch with their sensual and feminine selves as well in dance, here, we are talking about pole dance, described as sensual, athletic dance.

In pole, we unlock our hips in big, slow circles; we slide on the floor like a snake, slow; we crawl like a lioness stalking her prey in the jungle; we walk with exaggerated criss-crossed steps across the floor, like a temptress; we climb like a strong cat going up a tree; we open our chests with pride, move our arms with control and splay our legs with force just to close them again like a quick tease.

This wonderful use of our limbs and bodies and emotions all combined into one powerful statement in our pole dance makes us feel like we are on top of the world at times (because there are those days when we just can’t get any move right!) and give us that edge of confidence that says “Yes, I know I am a bad-ass because I pole dance; I can climb and turn upside down and spin like nobody’s business.”

Ways Pole Dancing Increases Confidence

  • You see a sexy creature in the mirror at the studio...then realize it’s you!
  • It has that risqué reputation – fun to watch your friend’s eyes light up when you tell them
  • You get to prance and dance around in 8" stripper heels...I mean who does that for their workout?
  • Your new (and lifelong!) friends from pole studio cheer when you get even the smallest move down
  • You look at yourself in your bathroom mirror after a shower one day and see new curvaceous muscles
  • It whittles your fat away
  • It gets you the strongest abs ever
  • You “work out” now almost every other day of the week…because you just can’t wait to try that trick again
  • You are within reach of doing the splits – you would have never practiced splits by going to the gym!
  • And the feeling you get when you can do your first pull-up because you have been practicing so hard to pull your own body weight up
  • You realize you are now…should I say it? A pole dancer! (And you say it with pride, too)
  • You realize you have lost any reservations or inhibitions about pole dancing
  • You are totally exhilarated when you get your first invert...talk about pole dancing and confidence building!
  • You feel like Spiderwoman (is there a Spiderwoman???) climbing a 15-foot pole while newbies look on
  • Lacking some self-esteem? Want to improve your body image? Pole dancing and confidence…you won’t be disappointed when you go for it.

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