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Pole Dancing California: Here is a listing of pole dance studios found in California. If there is a studio that maybe has recently opened, is no longer in business or that I don't have listed here, feel free to shoot me the information at the bottom of this page and I will list it asap. Thanks!

Allure Dance & Fitness in Los Angeles, CA

Antix Fitness in Redlands, CA

Aphrodite Pole Dance Fitness in Los Angeles, CA

Art of Exotic Dancing in California

Bespun in Los Angeles, CA

Embody in Corona, CA

Evolve Dance Studio in Los Angeles, CA

Aerial Angels in Fresno, CA

From Mind to Body in Los Angeles, CA

Fun Pole in San Diego, CA

ICandy Pole Dance Studio in Rohnert Park, CA

Luscious Maven in Los Angeles, CA

OC Pole in Orange, CA

Pilates on the Pole in Newport Beach, CA

Poleates in Westlake Village, CA

Polekraze in Murrieta, CA

Poler Ice in Madera, CA

Polesinsation sin San Diego, CA

Polesque Vixens in Merced, CA

Poletential in Redwood City, CA

Romance & Dance in California

Sedusa Studios in Campbell & Los Gatos, CA

Sedusa Studios in South San Fransisco, CA

Sedusa Studios in Walnut Creek, CA

S Factor in Costa Mesa, CA

S Factor in Encino, CA

S Factor in Los Angeles, CA

S Factor in San Fransisco, CA

Shelly's Pole Studio in San Fransisco, CA

Slinky Productions in San Fransisco, CA

Twirly Girls in Pleasanton, CA

Unleashed Women's Fitness in Long Beach, CA

Unveiled Fitness in Laguna Hills, CA

Venus Pole Fitness in Modesto, CA

Vertical Fitness Studio in Sacramento

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