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Pole dance is best described as a cross between gymnastics and acrobatics. It involves a dancer using a metal pole to dance on and around as well as hoisting themselves (with grace!) into various positions such as the candlestick or arch poses.

(For a complete list of tricks and moves click here.)

This type of dance is beneficial in the sense of becoming highly fit for many reasons. You use your own body weight to strenghten yourself as opposed to using free weights or weight machines to build muscle. This is powerful for those women who have always had a weaker upper body when they suddenly find out that they can climb monkey bars or do an inversion!

This sensual and athletic form of dance is even vying for a spot in the future Olympic Games!

How Do I Learn to Pole Dance?

There are many ways to learn. You can buy a removable pole, set it up in your kitchen (or anywhere you have a few feet of empty space), purchase one of the many instructional DVD's available and start learning that way. There are also classes available in many cities. Click here to see if there are classes offered in your area.

To start to learn, there are a few items that are needed.

  • Number one, you need a sturdy pole, either brass or chrome. There are a variety of available. To read my reviews on each major brand and type, click here.
  • Very short shorts and a tank top or bikini top are in order since you want to have the maximum amount of skin exposed for gripping with your body. There are lots of types of clothing and outfits you can use. 
  • Heels are optional; bare feet are good to start learning. As you progress, you can purchase a pair of typical dance heels which vary from 5" heels all the way to 8" platforms. These types of heels are great for helping you learn to climb and grip with your feet. The other option for footwear is to use trainer shoes.
  • A grip aid such as Mighty Grip can be used and is helpful for more advanced inverts and positions.
  • A bottle of Windex or other alcohol-based glass cleaner and a towel should be kept nearby to wipe the pole and keep it free from sweat and body oils that can make it too slippery to hold on to. 

How does pole dance fit into our everyday lives?

Women who learn this type of exotic dance do it for a few reasons: for some it is just a hobby, a way to have fun or impress a lover or their friends.

For others, it becomes a path to a high level of fitness since this type of dance incorporates cardio, strength training, stretching, and flexibility.

Some women enter into competitions at the national and international levels and it is amazing to watch these highly skilled dancers who have trained many hours and sometimes years to be able to perform the feats that they do.

Still, for other women, pole dancing is a part of their job, whether in a circus act or gentleman's club it is a job that demands stamina and courage to day after day perform with strength and fluid grace. 

How long until I can get good at pole dancing?

Within about 2 months, with consistent training, a new dancer can start to learn inversions. By this time, your grip is becoming stronger and your strength and ability to hold your body weight increases.

A strong core is also developed which enables you to control and hold a variety of poses and perform more advanced tricks.

Pole dance is a graceful form of dance that is enjoyable to watch and participate in! 

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