What's a Pole Dance Workout?

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A pole dance workout...don't bash it 'till you try it! This fitness craze has caught like wildfire and is spreading through more and more gyms and fitness studios as women want to challenge their bodies through pole dancing fitness as well as have great fun.

What's a pole dance workout like?

A good pole dance workout should include the following:

  • A thorough warm-up and stretching session
  • Floor work (this might be included in the warm up)
  • Pole Stretching
  • Warming up the pole with spins 
  • Strength training on or off the pole
  • Learning new spins, holds, poses or inverts
  • Practicing tricks you have already learned
  • Putting it all together into a new routine you can practice
  • Free pole time
  • Coll down and stretching

Where can I do workouts like this?

  • Follow along with a DVD or video series 
  • Workout with a pole buddy

Tips for doing pole dance workouts

  • Train every OTHER day; pole dance is like lifting wights or strength training and you have to give your muscles a recovery day. 
  • Stay hydrated and eat lightly before working out like a granola bar or fruit and yogurt.
  • Keep a training journal to keep record of what you practiced and what new things you learned. I have a free template you can use here. 
  • Video record your practice. This is invaluable and a great measuring stick to know how far you have come in your skills and strength. It's also good when training alone for correction.
  • If you are working out at home, join a free online forum like Veena's to have a sense of community, a place to ask questions and a place to share your accomplishments, bug and small!
  • Keep a clean towel and pole cleaner (Windex or rubbing alcohol works great) handy for keeping your pole from getting slick from sweat or oils from your skin.
  • Practice what you are learning on BOTH sides - if you are right handed and this is your dominant hand, practice using the left as well. 
  • Be patient (the hardest part to do!!!) since new grips and tricks take time to master.

Benefits of working out at a studio

  • You get a spotter
  • You get access to a pole and other equipment if you don't have one at home
  • You get a live instructor to help correct your form and positioning
  • You get to the support from other students
  • You get to learn from your fellow polers
  • You get that extra challenge in strength training - hopefully they push you!
  • You don't have to plan your own workout - the instructor provides it for you

Using a workout DVD

Here are a few of the pole dance workouts on DVD that I think are good:

  • S Factor Polework 101 is one of my personal favorites because of its simplicity and Sheila's approach to female empowerment through sensual dance. 
  • Jamilla's Art of Pole series is great to learn from and get good practice out of.
  • Vertical Dance, based out of the United Kingdom, is also a clearly demonstrated and easy-to-follow program. KT Coates is exemplary in her technical details on each move.
  • Susan Peach of Pole-Dancing-for-Fitness has a video series that includes stretching, toning and strength building as well as a unique pole cardio workout. Click on the image below for more details. 
Pole Dancing DVDs

Working out with a Pole Buddy

Another alternative that is somewhere in between working out in a classroom setting and working out alone is to find another person who is learning or has learned some pole dance moves and is willing to partner up and help one another out.

  • Spot for each other when you are learning more advanced moves 
  • Help each other stick with your routine and learning process as well as providing feedback on using proper form.

Finding a Pole Buddy

  • You can find a workout partner by joining an online forum and posting an ad to find a local buddy
  • You can place an ad yourself on a free site like craigslist. 
  • Going to a class at a local studio near you will bring you into contact with other pole dancers who you can form friendships with and possibly partner up for learning together outside of class time.

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