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You can learn pole dance tricks, moves and routines from quality pole dance tutorials online or on dvds and videos. Using pole dance tutorials like these are an alternative way to learn how to pole dance without attending a class or if you would like to try to learn a few things on your own before trying a class.

Tutorials are more than a recorded performance. A well-made recorded pole dance lesson should include:

  • Clear and quality video recording
  • Clear sound where you can actually hear what the instructor is saying without background noise or static
  • Written instructions that are included in the recorded video or in a downloadable format for the user
  • Step by step instructions that are demonstrated as well
  • Tips and techniques to get the move correct
  • How NOT to do the move
  • What to learn before attempting the new trick
  • What are the points of contact of your body and the pole so you know what to FEEL for since you don't have the instructor live with you
  • How to start learning the spin/trick - example: how to start learning an invert from the floor or how a spin works in slow motion

How to Use Pole Dance Tutorials

To learn from a pole dance tutorial or recorded lesson, you need a few things:

  • A quality dance pole that is properly installed and can hold your weight
  • Preferably a crash mat if you are starting to learn inverted tricks and you don't have a spotter
  • A big mirror to be able to see yourself for self-correction
  • A camcorder to record yourself to post for feedback
  • Review these safety tips and how to build strength to prepare to pole

Learning from Free Pole Dance Tutorials

There are several ways to access free pole dance tutorials.

  • YouTube has lots of good videos. You can find some quality tutorials like Julia's. If you have a dance pole at home, and internet, you can watch these videos and learn quite a bit. Julia teaches a good pole warm up, several routines, how to execute perfect spins and how to master several advanced tricks. She also has some great tutorials on stretching, contortion and splits as well.

Learning from Online Subscriptions and Courses

There are also several ways to access good pole dance tutorials with a paid subscription such as Studio Veena's lessons. These are high quality, clear and reputable pole dance tutorials that will help you to progress in your training.

Danna of PoleFitnessDancing.com has a great online video course that is low in cost and provides lessons from beginner to intermediate as well as strengthening, toning, flexibility and dance routine lessons. 

Here is a larger list of online pole dance lesson providers. 

Learning from DVDs

You can also learn from tutorials on videos or DVDs such as:

Pole Dance Tutorials > How to Pole Dance > Spins > Tricks

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