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 is the fun of pole dancing...to be able to invert, spin and hold your body out in all kinds of crazy ways on the pole...then do it over and over! Talk about a serious fitness challenge as well as learning balance, coordination and endurance not to mention being able to put together some awe-inspiring routines to showcase or eventually compete. 

It takes work, lots of hard work, dedication, many hours and days and sometimes years of practice to get those tricks down to a fluid motion of amazingly beautiful and breathtaking art...woooowwww...we all breathe upon watching Jeyne Butterfly, Felix Cane or Pantera perform a routine.

Learning the Names of Pole Dance Tricks

These are all moves that you will find in your pole journeys are given many different names by various individuals and associations.

Tips on Learning Pole Tricks

  • Lisa aka Chastity of Vertical Fitness said it best: "Pole fitness is a journey and everyone is different". This is absolutely true. Don't judge where you are at in your pole journey to where someone else is at.
  • Make certain that you have built sufficient core strength as well as upper body strength. 
  • Practice pole Ups until you can hold yourself (your own body weight) up on the pole by your arms only (not feet or legs hooking to help hold your weight)
  • Practice inverting until have a strong invert without having to kick or swing to get yourself up on the pole 
  • Engage your scapula and biceps when holding or moving yourself around on the pole; never hang. 
  • Try learning on a titanium gold or brass pole since they are "stickier" than stainless steel or painted poles

What's the best way to learn pole dance tricks?

There's only one answer to this question: whichever way works best for you - and you will need to find out on your own. 

I can give you suggestions here, but one girl may be able to teach herself advanced moves through YouTube videos while another may need a spotter, a structured class and someone to walk her through the move. We all learn differently.

  • Watching performances will give you an idea of what pole tricks are all about
  • Watching video tutorials will give you a visual of how the move is executed
  • Reading instructions and seeing illustrations can possibly give you more in-depth understanding of a move - I know it does for me, because I learn best by reading, watching, then doing.
  • Attending a pole class or workshop and asking for help during free time to practice a particular move or trick. This way ou will have a spotter and a live instructor to give you feedback
  • Try to learn on your own and record yourself for feedback. This works if you have another tutorial or video to compare what you are doing to. 
  • Subscribe to an online pole tutorial database like Studio Veenas or one of the others listed here. You get online support, chat and the ability to upload your videos for feedback. 

Here is my growing list of spins and tricks

Aerial Invert

Armpit Hold; Fang

Back Hook Spin

Back Spiral Spin


Brass Monkey

Butterfly; Basic Butterfly


Carousel Kick; Carousel Climb

Caterpillar; Pole Pounce

Chair Spin

Cross Ankle Release

Fan Kick; Windmill

Fireman; Firefly; Fairy Spin

Full Bracket

Helicopter; The Chopper; Inverted V

Inverted Crucifix

Iron X 

Open V Invert

Shoulder Mount Inversion

Shoulder Mount Prance

Side Spiral; Corkscrew; Body Spin; Tuck Spin

Wrist Sit; Hello Boys; Eye Opener

Gemini; Inside Leg Hang

Pole Splits

Stag Spin


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