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Taking a pole dancing class for the first time can be exciting, nerve-wracking, intimidating, anxiety-causing and scary! Especially if you don't know what to expect or have only seen videos of pole dancers doing crazy acrobatic feats on poles. But not to fear! You have me here to guide you on some important stuff to know to prepare for your first class :) I had the privilege of my first studio I ever attended giving me a detailed email on what to expect and what to bring for my first class ever. 

Learning a Scorpio pose from the floor!

Choosing a studio to attend is important and there are several things to consider. First off, you may be in a place where the choices are very limited. If so, check out your nearest studio and see if it is a fit for you. I am a firm believer that we can learn something from everyone, even if the studio or the instructor are not 'ideal'. Here is some more information on what to look for

What to wear to a pole dance class

Every instructor will probably have a little different guidelines, especially when it comes to shoes. Some may have a modesty guideline on clothing. I have always had free reign in the clothing area at the studios I have attended in the U.S. except when it came to heels. Some studios are carpeted or some instructors do not want heels used in their classes. Check first or at least be prepared. 

  • A comfortable sports bra 
  • A cover-up/warm-up shirt or sweatshirt 
  • Pole shorts, 'hot pants', cheeky underwear or just short gym shorts 
  • Sweatpants, yoga pants or leggings to warm up in
  • Leg warmers/thigh high socks are great until you are warmed up as well or great to use for floorwork
  • Knee pads if you are going to be doing lots of floorwork 
  • Heels! Getting to use "stripper" heels or boots are lots of fun and add a whole new dimension of fun and learning to your pole dancing

What to bring to pole dance class

Here is what my "pole bag" has in it:

  •  A bottle of water - not all studios have a drinking fountain or water to drink available. You will definitely need this to stay hydrated because I guarantee you will sweat!
  • Grip aid - especially if your hands sweat a lot
  • A towel for sweat - I always have to wipe myself off!
  • A phone with a camera or video camera for recording yourself (if allowed!) 
  • A post-workout snack for after class like a granola bar or cheese stick
  • A gym bag to carry everything in like heels, leg warmers and any other clothing

Pole Dance Studios Zimbabwe

Here are the listings of provinces/counties/cities with pole dance studios Zimbabwe where you can take a pole dancing class and learn the foundations to pole dance, technique, routines, conditioning exercises and more! 

Harare, Zimbabwe

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