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There are no listings for pole dance studios Bosnia and Herzegovina currently. 

Unfortunately, I was not able to find any contact information for any pole dance classes or studios in this area. 

So good news is that this is a new area for pole dancing to begin for fun, as a hobby, or just for a fun new way to work out.

Also, there is the possibility that a pole dance class or studio has or is forming and they just may not have published any information yet. You email me privately with any questions!

No pole dance studios Bosnia?

If you are from a location with no pole dance studios available, consider the following:

  • Getting your own pole and learning at home with DVD's or instructional books
  • Joining an online pole dance community with video classes
  • Learning from free YouTube videos 
  • Forming your own pole dance training group in your home or at a local gym
  • Talk to your local gyms and dance studios with your idea to find pole dance fitness classes or a studio. You may give a current business owner with the resources a great idea!
  • Don't give up! Start your pole dance journey. Many pole stars and professional competitors are self-taught such as Sarah Jade and Nicole the Pole (she learned from YouTube!)

You CAN learn to pole dance on your own!

Pole dancing in Bosnia is possible! Just because there is no studio nearby is not a reason that should stop you from learning. You can learn on your own - here are some benefits that come from pole dancing:

  • It is an amazing workout for cardio, toning and strength building
  • It is always challenging with all of the levels of pole dance tricks that you can move through from beginner to advanced
  • You get toned and strong quickly as well as weight loss as an added benefit
  • Your pole friends start to feel like a great family :)
  • Try pole dancing in Bosnia on your own - you can do this!

Tips for learning on your own

  • Sign up for the newsletter of the nearest pole dance studio because there are lots of opportunities to take classes and workshops if you are able to travel. The studio can help keep you up to date with any events near you. 
  • Think about travelling to the studio nearest to you if you are able to travel and take a private lesson from the instructor. Search the directory here. You can practice the material you learned at home. 
  • Don't forget to pick up some fun pole dance resources here!
  • You can have your very own pole dance class in Bosnia! Please let me know if you see any pole dance studios Bosnia open up. Thanks!

Do you want to add a studio to our directory?

Do you know of a pole dance studio that is not listed here? Do you own or instruct at a studio that is not listed here? Contact me with this form and I would be happy to feature you and your studio in our directory!

Pole Dance Studios Bosnia > Pole Dance Fitness Studio Directory

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