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Me learning the Upside Down Crucifix.

There are no listings for pole dance studios Belize currently.

Unfortunately, we were not able to find any contact information for any possible new studios that just may not have made their information public yet. 

The good part is that this is wide-open territory for someone to start a new pole dance class or studio!

There is the possibility that a class or group has or is forming and they just may not have published any information yet. Check back here or email me privately with any questions!

No pole dance studios Belize?

If you are from a location with no pole dance studios available, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Get your own pole and learn at home with a pole dance DVD
  • Join one of the online pole dance communities
  • Learn from YouTube
  • Form your own group in your home or at a local facility
  • Reach out to your local gyms or dance studios with your request to find pole dance fitness classes or a studio. You never know! You may give a current business owner with the resources a great idea!
  • Most of all, don't get discouraged! Many pole stars are self-taught. 

You CAN learn to pole dance on your own!

Pole dancing in Belize is feasible! Just because there is no studio nearby is not a reason that should hinder you from learning.

  • It is an incredibly fun and sexy way to workout
  • It always challenges you
  • You get strong fast!
  • You make the best of friends in the pole dancing community. 
  • Try pole dancing in Belize on your own and SEE how far you can go on your own - You can do it! 

Tips for learning on your own

  • Alternatively, you can search for a studio nearer to you that maybe you can attend once a month and let the instructor know where you are from - he or she can also possibly help you with material that you have been learning on your own. Search the directory here.
  • Don't forget your free pole stuff here!
  • Have fun with your very own pole dance class in Belize! and please be sure to notify me of any pole dance studios Belize :)

Do you want to add a studio to our directory?

Do you know of a pole dance studio that is not listed here? Do you own or instruct at a studio that is not listed here? Contact me with this form and I would be happy to feature you and your studio in our directory!

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