Using a Pole Dance Journal

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Using a pole dance journal will help you track your progress as well as take an emotional journey through your dance. This is like using a training log in fitness training, but there's more to it than just recording repetitions, weight lifted, timing a run, the things I used to keep in my fitness log when running and bodybuilding.

Print your Free copy of a Pole Dance Journal 

I created a page (because I couldn't find one for my own use) titled "My Pole Dance Training Journal" that has sections for the date, time of session, what your goals are for that session, music played, file name for your video recording of that session, thoughts and feelings during your pole dance, check boxes to make sure you warm up, do flexibility and strength training, what your goals are for your next training and more.

Download, print, copy and keep the pages in a 3-ring binder to serve as your training log. You can also keep them in a plastic report cover by month or every 3 months, however you choose. You'll find what works for you. Feel free to share this and print copies for your students if you are an instructor. 

Why keep a Pole Dance Journal

I am an avid proponent of keeping track of progress in life, whether spiritual, physical, mental, career, whatever it is that you are trying to get better at. (Click on the image above to download a FREE copy of "My Pole Dance Training Journal" page to print,copy and keep in a binder.) It serves several purposes:

  • It serves as encouragement when you look back at how far you have come. I used to keep journals just about my life because I wanted to be able to look back and remember things...its like a very colorful mental trip back in time :)
  • You know what you need to work on. Record keeping or journaling/keeping a training log serves as an evaluation tool.
  • You can evaluate and make new goals based on the above. 
  • It helps to motivate you. When you write down what you did during your pole dance session, it keeps you accountable to working out hard (or easy that day) and calls you back for your next session.

The Emotional Side of Pole Dance

Pole dancing is also an emotional journey. I remember the feelings in full, vivid color if you will, when I started my pole journey. The exhilaration, the unlocking of my sensual side in dance, the rush of inverting for the first time.

These emotional landmarks serve as guideposts to other changes in your life as well, such as taking on a new challenge at work or not being afraid to speak up.

Keeping written record of your thoughts and feelings as well as the music you selected for your session and how it all made you feel will also help you to be aware of what inspires and moves you as well as what is more challenging in your journey.

I am a firm believer in connecting with your emotions when you dance and I know that emotional states affect our dance and our training. Keeping a log will help you to understand yourself better as a pole dancer in progress. 

More Reasons to Keep a Pole Dance Journal

  • There is power in the written word. When you write down a goal, somehow, mentally, your brain remembers it and it almost imprints even when you forget that you wrote it. I have reached several goals this way and realized I did after I looked back and read and old goal and realized I had reached it!
  • If you are spending your hard-earned money on pole dance classes at a studio, it is well worth your time to write down what you did, what you learned, how you felt. This helps when you are at home alone practicing - you can know what to repeat, what to work on, what to try.

Click here or on the book image above to download your free copy of "My Pole Dance Training Journal" page to print, copy and keep in a binder. 

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