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If you love pole dancing, getting your pole dance instructor certification may be the start of a career path for you! Pole dancing for fitness has quickly become one of the most popular and sought after fitness venues in the past decade.

Studios are opening up in many cities and women (and men) are looking for alternative and more fun and motivating ways to become or stay fit and swinging and climbing on a pole seems to be the way!

All you have to do is stop at a park one day and watch how children will gravitate towards bars and poles and play their little hearts and bodies out...and then stop by a pole dance studio and watch people (of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes!) swing and climb and invert until they can't anymore! All smiles and sweat!

Teaching pole dancing is a fun way to stay fit and make an income. There isn't a standard certification in this industry yet but there will be soon with the way the industry is fast becoming more like other sport venues. Getting certified through a reputable association in the pole and aerial arts industry will lend your skills credibility and increase your knowledge base as an instructor. 

Where to get certified

Climb & Spin

The agency taking the lead in certification right now is Climb & Spin that has a comprehensive curriculum as well as extensive education about pole dancing as well as support for those who become certified.

They teach understanding proper biomechanics, how to teach/format a 1-hour multi-level class, how to create your own 50-90 second pole dance routines; how & when to modify each skill based on an individual's fitness level and/or pole experience and other unique teaching techniques that take the "guess-work" out of teaching.

Discoveries Dance

Discoveries Dance gives you the option of getting certified through a home study course. If you are a motivated and an independent learner or going to a live training is inconvenient, this is perfect for you. 

Live training are also available.

IPDFA PolePro Instructor Certification

Are you looking to get certified to teach internationally? The IPDFA PolePro Instructor Courses offer intensive training and teacher exchange programs globally.

Pole Fitness Studios 

Fawnia Dietrich (formerly Mondey)owner of Pole Fitness Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada, and also a pioneer of the pole fitness movement in the United States, has a certification program that is comprehensive and educational. Her program features seven levels of pole, dance, floor work, and routines. 

Vertical Dance

If you can't get to a studio or place to do the course material, you can go through Vertical Dance's Online Pole Fitness Certification program which is also endorsed by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). You can save on sitter and travel costs and tutors monitor student progress online as well as give support via email and phone.

The curriculum includes health and safety, injury prevention, warm up and cool down techniques, pole technique, pregnancy and pole, choreography, creating your own business and over 80 video clips of pole moves and instruction taught by KT Coates.

Local Studios

There are also many other studios around the U.S. and internationally that offer programs where you can get a pole dance instructor certification. Check with your nearest studio.

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