Pole Dance Core Exercises

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These pole dance core exercises will benefit you in more ways than one...they build abdominal strength and definition, stabilize your back, increase your ability to invert using your core instead of kicking up, and whittle your shape like no girdle can!!!

I love using this workout. I do this three times a week as it is intense and it takes some time to build it up. Another thing I like about this workout is that I can continuously use it as I get stronger by increasing the repetitions, speed that I perform them at or my mixing them up and using it like circuit training. 

What you need to do these exercises:

- a yoga or exercise mat

- lots of determination!!!

Pole Dance Core Exercises

Here are the exercises...I will make a video soon and post it here to demonstrate the exercises:

1. Crunches This is one popular ab exercise, but let's try it in a more effective way: Lie on your back on a mat with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor and hands at your ears...not holding your head! You want to make your abs do the work of pulling your body up off of the floor, not your hands pulling your head. Inhale and while exhaling, squeeze your abs and raise your shoulders up off of the floor.

When in this position, put it on pause here for 5 seconds, squeezing your abs as hard as you can and exhaling out all of the air in your lungs. Concentrate on contracting your abs is the key here and nothing else.

Reps: Start off doing 5 and moving right into the next exercise. As you build strength, do 10 reps each and then start moving up the rounds of the whole routine up to 2 and then 3 and 4 rounds. 

2. Jack-knife sit-ups Lay on your back with arms stretched out overhead. Contract your abs as hard as you can while you reach for the ceiling with your feet and hands making a 'v' shape with your body, like a knife closing. Let your arms and legs go back to the ground without touching it and go back into the jack-knife again until you do your reps.

3. Elbow crunches This is the crunch except you are using your elbows to try and touch your knees. Use a very fast pace and contract your abs hard when you come up into the crunch position. Keep your mid and upper back up off the floor the whole time as much as you can.

4. Leg swing Lay on your back with your arms stretched out to your sides and your legs pointed to the ceiling. Keep your legs straight during the exercise and swing them all the way to the left. As soon as they touch the floor on that side, swing them back up and to the right in the same manner.

5. Superwoman This works the back of your core. Lay on your belly, face down with arms stretched overhead on the ground. Looking straight forward, lift your arms and legs off of the ground and hold that position, like a crunch for your back. Fly like Superwoman! Lower your arms and legs and repeat.

6. Plank Get into a full push up position and then rest your elbows on the floor. Look forward like in the Superwoman exercise; your points of contact with the floor are your toes, hands and elbows. Keep your back straight, don't sag. Hold in this position for as long as you can working up to 2 minutes.

The following exercises are done on the pole.

Here is a video of an exercise that will help to develop your obliques as well as your leg strength to hold you on the pole for more advanced tricks:

The following video demonstrates an exercise that uses almost all of your core muscles including your lats:

This exercise is specifically for developing your oblique strength:

The following exercise will work your core as well as your hamstrings:

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