Pole Dance Competition Day!

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It's pole dance competition day! You've spent months, weeks and long days preparing for your first pole dance competition and here it finally is and you are a wreck of nerves...or maybe you're as cool as a pole cat...regardless, you will need to remember lots of things! Here goes my list.

Before the performance day:

  • Find out if they have any rehearsal pole for you to use ahead of time
  • Try to stay in a hotel near the event so you can ensure to be on time
  • Get good rest! Your nerves and the excitement of the upcoming day will be on the brain but calm down with deep breathing, maybe a mediation and some yoga.

Pole Dance Competition Day!

  • Do deep stretching the day before and the day of competition and keep warmed with leg warmers or some yoga pants.
  • Eat! Eat balanced carbs and protein, some fruit and oatmeal or yogurt and cottage cheese.
  • Give yourself more time than you anticipate needing to get ready and to get to the venue where the event is.
  • When it’s time, get up there and give it all you have!

What to bring with you:

  • Your suitcase or rolling bag that can be secured or locked
  • Your costume – make sure if it’s a two-piece you have both top and bottom packed
  • Double sided tape to keep your costume in place
  • Bring a spare set of shorts and bra just in case!
  • Any props you are using in your routine
  • Your make up bag
  • Safety pins in case your costume needs a little attaching
  • Water and healthy light snacks
  • Your music (2 copies!)
  • Your headphones to listen to your music
  • Your grip aids – write your name on them with a permanent black marker and ONLY grip aids that you are comfortable using – don’t try a new one the day of!
  • Shower sandals to walk around in
  • Your heels if you are performing in them and a spare pair.
  • Wipies in case you get sweaty
  • A clean towel to wipe off with as well.
  • Something to wear after the performance – a hoodie, some sweats or yoga pants
  • A camera if you have a friend to take photos for you

How to behave…really?

  • Courtesy and politeness goes a long ways, in the world of competition and the world outside of it.
  • Don’t get catty with the other competitors. Be gracious.
  • Make friends with the other competitors. Most of the time you will find that they are there for the love of pole dance, just as you are.
  • Enjoy the day – the atmosphere, the excitement, the adrenaline, the lights and your performance.
  • Use the day for networking as well. Find out who the judges are, who else is competing and who is going to be attending. Stay connected with the event through social media.

Winning and losing

No big displays of winning if they do call your name on your pole dance competition day…graciously accept the win and be mindful of the other competitors that trained hard and have just as much talent as you.

If you lose, remember what you learned – or should have learned! – as a kid: Be a good sport. Even if you really think you deserved the win, there is always next time and be thankful for the opportunity to display your skills for the world to watch.

Take pride in the fact that YOU DID IT! You completed the training necessary to give a great performance and you competed alongside others who are in your league of skill and strength. It took your courage, stamina, mental fortitude and lots of emotional and physical strength to get to this point...your very first pole dance competition day. Be proud :-)

For a list of pole dance competitions, click here and for more of a big picture look at setting up your training and rehearsing, click here.

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