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Pole Dance Classifieds! Finally a single place online where pole dancers - or anyone can:

  • Buy new or used items related to pole dancing
  • Sell new or used items 
  • List your blog or website
  • Post your pole dance events
  • Post your classes online or live
  • Post upcoming workshops or tours
  • Find or post employment opportunities within the pole dance community

How cool is this? It's like having our very own Craigslist :D

How to Get Started

You get a FREE listing (limited time) on the site and can list anything - your blog, an old pair of heels you don't use anymore, silks, shorts, DVDs, the classes you teach at your studio, a video course you sell online or an upcoming event. 

There are several extremely reasonable cost options to list besides the freebie listing you get for a limited time. The free listing allows you to list a single item for 60 days! Sign up on the website to get your free listing code here

There are also single listing options for 30, 90 days and up to one year. 

There are also three types of subscriptions if you want to list multiple items and for longer periods of time including a Basic, Premium and Mega Subscription packages for a very low cost. 

Click here to get started! 

More about Erin

Erin, from a small town in mid-Western Wisconsin and also a self-taught pole dancer, started Pole Dance Classifieds in hopes of providing a safe place for the pole community to buy, sell and post all things related to our industry. I asked her a few questions about herself, her new business and pole journey. 

Erin, how long have you been poling?

I started learning to pole dance in 2012. I haven't had a place to put my pole for the past year so I haven't been able to pole... and it's killing me slowly :(

How did you get started?

I have always been a dancer. I took dance lessons all thru high school and competed locally and  nationally in tap, jazz, ballet and lyrical. When I stumbled across a pole dance video on YouTube... 10 years later.... I instantly knew I had found my next "challenge".  What  a great way to combine my love of dance and my love of fitness into one awesome hobby! 

How did you come up with the idea for poledanceclassifieds.com? 

Last year, when I wanted to sell my pole, I was lost as to where I should post it for sale.  My friend had recently posted her pole for sale on a local FB For Sale page and it literally turned into a FB fiasco and 20 posts later she was still defending herself and explaining to everyone she was NOT a stripper. My heart broke for her. 

I thought about Craigslist but again, I was hesitant to post anything pole related in fear of every weirdo in the tri-state area trying to contact me.   I knew that I had to create a SAFE place for the pole dance community to buy, sell, search and connect!   I have 100% control over every user that signs up and posts on the site so I will be able to monitor any weird or suspicious activity :)  

Do you teach or are you a student at a studio?

I am not. I am blessed with a few studios within driving distance but I've only visited them a few times. I actually used to teach lessons at my old house because I had a HUGE pole space. I moved all my furniture out of my living room and used it as a pole studio! Yes, I'm THAT obsessed!

Who is your pole hero?

I have quite a few favorites but if I had to shout out one and only one, I would choose Cleo!  I've always admired her bold personality along with her amazing pole skills.  I also love how transparent she was about her pregnancy and her struggle to pole again afterwards.  I couldn't even imagine trying to pole again after being pregnant and having a newborn to take care of.  I just love her and her spirit!

Tell us anything else about your pole dance journey, hopes/goals, or thoughts :)

My pole journey is currently on hold since I don't have a spot for my pole(s) in my new house but I am hoping that the success of PDC (Pole Dance Classifieds) will allow me to rent a local space specifically for my poles and also be able to teach classes again as well! 

Well, I personally think that this site will be a success and Erin will get a chance to start pole dancing again!

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