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You can now learn pole dance at home with videos, dvds, online classes and even books!

I first started learning with Sheila Kelley's S Factor book that she published before I ever visited a pole studio or bought a dvd. There were black-and-white photos and written instructions of her pole tricks that I started slowly learning from. I actually first started learning the lap dance and floorwork moves before I started anything with the pole. 

Ways to learn pole dance at home

Tips to help you learn at home

  • Install your own pole. If you haven't purchased a pole yet, check out my page on starter poles
  • Install mirrors to view yourself and make sure you are doing the moves correctly
  • Video record yourself as you learn so that you can get some feedback to make any corrections
  • Workout with a pole buddy so that you guys can help spot each other and give live feedback as you learn. 
  • Use a crash mat and learn all about pole safety as serious accidents can happen

Danna's Learn-at-Home Pole Video Series

Learn pole with Danna!

Learn to pole dance at home with Danna's easy-to-learn instruction as she teaches you dance fundamentals and how to use pole dance as a way to fitness!

These instantly accessible lessons are great if you are a beginner and need easy-to-follow, broken down steps without having moves demonstrated for those students who already doing advanced tricks.

Two years after going full-force in pole dancing, Danna became injured, herniated two of the discs in her back and after her recovery she had to learn to modify all of her moves in order to start her rehabilitation process and journey. All of her moves are modified in such a way so that you can perform them safely, build your strength slowly but at the same time maximize each workout.

Danna, a PFA (Pole Fitness Association) Certified Instructor, used pole dance to lose weight, gain confidence and strength and also overcome depression. Her before-and-after photos above show the difference!

In these instructional videos, she teaches proper posture and dance technique to help you learn how to make everything you do on the pole look good, smooth, flowing and sexy!

If you are struggling with weight issues or have weak muscles and need to get into shape generally, this is a good place to start in your pole journey.

Danna does not use pole dance heels in her instruction. 

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