Try Pole Armour, the ULTIMATE grip!

Pole Armour is a removable gripping tube perfect for pole fitness and all other acrobatic industries and:

  • Is perfect for training, fitness, leisure, and performance
  • Will become a necessity in performances, competitions, fitness studios and homes everywhere
  • Has the perfect grip for any situation
  • Provides a softer, anti-slip training surface allowing athlete’s longer training time
  • Whether you are cross training or preforming, this is a must have!
  • Made from a proprietary blend of materials, it contains no latex and is safe for those with allergies.
  • Provides an ultimate grip, even when hands are sweaty.
  • Eliminates the need for messy grip aids or gloves. 
  • Benefits are nearly endless – reduced fatigue and longer training sessions are just a few. 
  • All levels of pole enthusiast can gain strength and confidence when using it
  • Pole studios can greatly benefit from using this Most new students are hesitant to continue due to bruising, and lack of clothing required to train properly.
  • Students and athletes of all levels can benefit from the extra cushion and versatility

More benefits of Pole Armour

Pole dancing is a fantastic activity- unfortunately some students are put off by bruising or discomfort.   Another aspect of pole dancing that makes some beginners nervous is that as tricks advance, more skin is required to stick to the pole which means less clothing, which can make some of us uncomfortable (while others find it empowering or confidence building). 

Pole dancing is also an extremely demanding and challenging sport and often dancers bruise when working on new or challenging tricks.  Some dancers laugh and wear their ‘pole kisses’ with pride, others find them embarrassing or need to cover them for other reasons. 

Sweaty hands and other grip problems are another set of problems that plague pole dancers.  There are dozens of grip aides on the market to help pole dancers with this some help with sweaty hands others address dry skin; grip sleeves address both concerns, which is great because skin condition is often influenced by the weather.  In the winter lots of people find they are very dry and in the summer being sweaty is often more of an issue.

When student dancers are able to not feel self-conscious, not worry about bruising, and have better grip they will have a better experience which will encourage them to stick with pole dancing when previously they may have given up.  Dedicated and advanced pole dancers also benefit as they do not experience muscle fatigue as quickly and can focus on other aspects of dance instead of worrying about grip or wardrobe malfunctions.  Grip sleeves can eliminate the frustration of waiting for the perfect amount of grip/slip to work on challenging tricks.

Read more about Pole Armour here on their site.

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