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Pole and Aerial is one of the places that you can learn to pole dance online with over 800 lessons available to view on your computer/laptop, tablet or mobile device including:

  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Extreme and Beginner to Advanced levels
  • Several languages including English, Spanish and Russian
  • Several workshop videos including “Dramatic Tumble”, “Faking the Flexy” and “Power Moves” workshops

With three ways to access the lessons, you can afford to learn something on this site! Individual lessons are $1.95 each, or you can purchase a monthly membership for $29.95 or a yearly membership for $249.95.

Pole and Aerial also offers an event and studio locator as well as an affiliate and wholesale program for studios and pole businesses. Their online store sells equipment, clothing, shoes, jewelry, DVDs and more.

Pole Flight, an apparatus that includes pole with tissue/silks is sold and also taught in the video lessons on this site. You can also get certified to teach it as well online or in person. You can also get certified through Pole and Aerial to teach pole dancing with Jenyne, Felix Cane and Anastasia Skukhtarova as instructors.

What can I learn on Pole and Aerial? 

There are several types of instruction including:

  • Pole
  • Hoop/Lyra
  • Tissu/Silks
  • Floorwork
  • Chair Dance
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Warm-ups
  • Safety and Tips
  • Poses and Moves
  • Pole Spins
  • Climbs & mounts
  • Spinning pole
  • Routines and Combos

Some of the top performers and instructors in the pole industry create the lessons including: Marlo Fisken, Jenyne, Felix Cane, Oona Kivela and several others. There are also over 30 guest instructors including Cleo the Hurricane and Alethea Austin that teach lessons and workshops as well. 

For Studio owners and instructors that need some inspiration or just somewhere to have ready materials to teach for classes, there is Natasha Wang’s Curriculum Planner that can be purchased in monthly or yearly subscriptions and includes:

  • Video tutorials
  • Short, printable e-books
  • Creative themes
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels
  • Technique and transitions
  • Competition Prep
  • And more!

My Experience with Pole and Aerial

I signed up for a free account and accessed some of the free lessons and really liked the quality of video and how clear the instructors were both verbally and in how they instructed. Now learning from a video is somewhat different than learning in person – you can freeze the instructor or rewind him or her on a video when you cannot do that in person! (Unless like me you ask them to do it again! And again…) The instructors showing the moves from different angles helps as well.

I also purchased one of their specials, 5 lessons for $5 through an email promotion and chose some beginner lessons including learning an invert from the floor with Felix Cane and Alethea Austin’s Signature Body Waves. I will be purchasing some of the workshops as well since there is probably so much material in just one to keep me busy for a while!

The great thing about learning online is that the material is there for you to digest and learn at your own pace.

How can I get started?

You can head right over to  


and check it out as it is free to create an account and gives you 9 FREE lessons to see the quality and material that is covered in the video lessons.

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