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The Open V Invert is an advanced pole dance trick and it is a beautiful display of legs in your routine. It is similar to the Chopper or Helicopter in that it is the same type of invert except you are not spinning.

This move is a power move and takes a lot of core strength that you can develop with these exercises. As with learning any new trick, especially inverted tricks, follow all pole safety guidelines including using a crash mat and a spotter.

You should have a strong basic invert and learn to do the preparatory exercises with it.

Remember, learn how the trick feels from the floor first so that you will imprint in your mind where the points of contact are and how they feel, also how your bodyweight will feel being held in this new position.

Here is a video by Pole Dance Community demonstrating how the move is performed.


  • Think of your body going backwards - in fact, commit to going backwards
  • Your body needs to be parallel with the floor
  • It helps first to tuck your knees up to your chest, keeping back, abs and shoulder muscles all engaged, then splaying out your legs into an open 'v'
  • The higher up you reach with your arm, the higher you need to get your hips up. Keep your arms low when grasping the pole. 

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