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Online pole dancing! With technology now, it is possible to get a degree from home, talk to friends on the other side of the world and...or learn how to pole dance!

Benefits of Taking Online Pole Dancing Lessons

Taking online pole dancing lessons is a good option for many reasons.

  • No studio nearby? No worries! If there is not a pole fitness studio near you, and you don't have a friend or private instructor nearby to teach you, taking lessons online (or from a dvd ) is the next best option. 
  • Privacy - another reason some like the idea of taking online pole dancing lessons is that there is privacy; learning some thing new can be intimidating (to some) and it helps if you are alone to try it out without the fear of others seeing your mistakes.
  • Convenience - you can learn right from the comfort of your home; no travel (especially for me since I have to drive a ways to get to the nearest studios) and if you have little ones, no sitter needed! So there are some outstanding benefits to taking lessons from your desktop or laptop.
  • Value - I pay for ONE pole dance workshop what one year's worth of online lessons costs! The value you get in lessons is excellent. 
  • Ability to pause, go back and review! The nice thing about a video recording is that you can push pause and have that instructor do the trick over and over again. Sometimes in a class or a workshop, the instructor can only do the trick so many times. Many times he or she IS paused as best they can so you can see their contact points and they try and slow down the motion but gravity and their limits of strength/endurance only allows so much slow motion in real time :)

How Online Pole Dancing Lessons Work

  • Learning from online lessons usually works with a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription that allows you access to the library of lessons that are available. With some providers, you can purchase a set of courses with a one-time payment. These usually come included with lifetime updates and any new lessons will be made available to you as well like's courses. 
  • All you need is your pole, a computer and an internet connection; I also suggest mirrors or a video camera where you can either see yourself or record yourself for feedback.

What to Look for in a Good Online Program

Check out each site carefully; look for the following:

  • Access to the instructor(s). Do they allow email, chat or video contact to get help with your progress or questions?
  • Can you post or send in videos of yourself performing the instructed moves for feedback? I would want this feature to make sure I am 'getting it'!
  • Are the lessons designed in a progressive format - from beginner moves to the more advanced tricks?
  • Is safety emphasized? It's good when the instructor reinforces starting out with the simple, strength building moves before mastering other tricks?
  • Do you have optional access to contact other students? This is a good option for sharing your progress, creating community, getting help and feedback. We can all learn from each other!

Online Pole Dance Lesson Sites

There are quite a few sites that offer the online pole dancing lessons option of learning from home. Here are a few of them:

Pole Fitness Dancing

Danna is an amazing pole dance instructor who has designed a course that will take a beginner to an intermediate level in pole dancing! Her course is very affordable and comes with over 130 video lessons and includes lifetime updates and access to new lessons with the low price of $47! The course is jam-packed with great information and lots of routines to learn. 

Studio Veena

One of the sites that I have used is Studio Veena's website where there is a whole curriculum to learn from and you can go back again and again and review and pause and start all over. Another reason why I like Veena is because of the clarity and simplicity with which she teaches and illustrates; no detail is left out and I find that using her classes on her site are almost as good as being with an instructor!

You can get feedback from her and other dancers directly by posting your videos for feedback and every Friday night there is a chat where you can chime in with a webcam or just chatting. There are several on-going forums where you can post your questions, too.

Pole and Aerial

Pole and Aerial, one of the newer online pole dancing lessons hub, offers over 800 lessons, including very advanced for those of you who have built up your skill repertoire! Lessons are also by big names in pole such as Felix Cane, Natasha Wang, Jenyne Butterfly, Oona Kivela and Marlo Fisken, just to name a few. The cost is around $30 per month or $250 a year, but when you think of what you're getting, the value exceeds the cost. 

World Class Online Video Instruction and Products

123Poling Online Pole Dancing Tutorials

This site has SO much to offer, I wonder how anyone could ever exhaust all of the lessons. It is set up for students to use along with pole classes or on their own, for instructors to have new lessons for class and for competitors to gain access to lessons taught by pole champions such as Brandon Grimm, Nicole the Pole, Ashley Fox, Amy Hazel and Carlo Franca.

Vertical Dance

Over the last three years that Vertical Dance has been running their online pole dancing lessons, hundreds of instructors and thousands of students have logged in to learn pole dance moves and tricks from KT Coates.

Its actually a great and inexpensive way to learn from one of the best pole instructors in the world! Many students have told let them know that with out the technical advice given in the lessons they would have continued struggling on the moves there were working on.

With a monthly subscription, you get access to over 150 beginner, intermediate, advanced and super advanced moves and transitions, as well as warm up and cool down exercises. All the moves are in a video clip format with in depth explanations, tips and a wealth of pole fitness knowledge by KT.

Online Pole Lessons

This online pole dancing lessons site is beautiful and for a subscription for about $20 a month you get access to over 200 lessons ranging from beginner to advance moves. Each video lesson includes a written format also.

You will learn warm ups, cool downs, erotic dance moves, lap and pole dancing, floor-work and transitions, toning, strengthening, flexibility and splits exercises as well as choreographed routines. You can view a free demo video here. 

Pole Junkies

Pole Junkies offers something unique: interactive, live, streaming video lessons anywhere for anywhere you are...with a pole of course! Contact them for pricing and slot availability. They also have Virtual Workshop Sundays that allows you to take workshops with a variety of instructors via the web!

Pole Dance School

Pole Dance School has one of the best values if you want to take lessons this way. $20 for a whole year of access to beginner through advance moves, as well as lessons on dance style and body positioning. What is neat about this site is that it also includes pole dancing e-mail support where you can e-mail your specific questions on the lessons or any questions on pole dancing in general directly to the instructor and receive a personal response within 24 hours.

Pole Addiction

Pole Addiction has some awesome products including e-books on lap dancing, pole dancing, home pole parties and how to turn your love for pole into a business venture! All of their beginner, intermediate and advanced pole moves are also formatted to download to your iphone so you can take your classes with you! For $10 you can download over 80 videos including pole dancing spins, poses and inverts with pictures and descriptions of each move. They also include a warm up, strength training and spotting techniques.


You can also learn how to pole dance from videos like Expert Village How-To video's where the instructor breaks down the spins and pirouettes in an easy-to-follow format. Here is a link to how to learn basic spins and if you are father along in your pole journey and ready to move on to inverts and tricks, check out these advanced trick and inverts videos.

Are Taking Pole Lessons Online Right for Me?

Learning online is not right for everyone. Live learning at your local pole studio may be your best option.

  • Do you have a hard time keeping motivated? Having to go to a class you paid for is enough motivation for me!
  • Do you not learn visually well? Everyone has a different learning style, and if yours is "hands on" learning style, then live instruction would work better for you and maybe use online lessons to practice.
  • Are you trying to learn a more advanced trick and scared of falling? Going to live instruction at a pole dance class will get you a spotter.

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