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Off pole strength training is just as necessary as getting on the pole, learning new moves, perfecting old ones and putting them all together in routines.

Let’s face it; pole dance and training is FUN and although painful, frustrating and simply downright hard sometimes, it is incredibly rewarding. Who wants to go to a gym with a bunch of sweaty peering guys when you can dance and trick your heart out at the studio?

I have two chrome finish poles in my living room that stare at me every day, when I’m eating breakfast, when I get home from work…inviting me constantly to come and play. And the bad part is, I WANT to pole every day!

But I know my body needs a break, rest, cross training and I love my long runs with my daughter. So I schedule my training.

So what do you do for your off pole strength training? As I stated above, I run, do Restorative and Power Yoga twice a week, lift weights, do pull-ups and other body weight exercises like core work on the floor.

Here are some of my ideas of what type of strength-building exercises you can incorporate into your weekly workouts. 

Ways to do off Pole Strength Training

Power Yoga (My new love!)

·         Doing yoga also increases your flexibility with the deep stretches and poses

·         Yoga has moves that help develop the core (big time!), the back muscles as well as your sense of balance

·         A lot of these moves include lifting your own body weight creating stronger muscle tone and strength

·         Yoga is a great form of functional fitness because it involves twisting, reaching, lifting and arching and involves many of the smaller muscle groups as well in the movements.

Weight Lifting (A long time fave of mine!)

·         Women should use heavy weights – you won’t get bulky, but build denser muscles

·         Warm up properly before lifting to prevent injury!

·         Train every other day or on days you are going to pole as well

·         Keep log of weight lifted so you can know where you are gaining strength and the areas you are struggling in. If you are having a problem with lifting more, then try different exercises for that body part.

·         5x5 workout is simple, confidence and major strength building way to lift weight. When I was using this, I had he most amazing strength gains, got to where I could squat my own bodyweight and was in the man-cave of the gym because I needed the big iron 45 lb plates. I did no cardio as well and had major fat loss. I will forever be a fan of weight lifting. 

·         Lots of weight training workouts you can follow on’s Bodyspace where you can create a free account and get access to lots of strength training tips and guidelines.

·         You can build your own strength training workout with my favorite bodybuilding dictionary, the “Get Stronger” book.


·         CrossFit workouts are generally designed for overall conditioning as well as core development

·         They include rounds of exercises such as Power Cleans, push ups, Deadlifts, Kettlebell swings, jumps, running, pull ups and squats (I’m sure there’s more torture involved! Lol)

·         I have never tried CrossFit but it sounds VERY tough and definitely a muscular endurance building workout.

You can also do HIIT training workouts such as circuit training with weights or a sandbag and the following exercises:

·         Burpees

·         Mountain Climbers

·         Push Ups and variations

·         Pull Ups

·         Various calisthenics

Whatever you choose to do for your off pole strength training, it will benefit your pole dance sessions because of the increase in power, muscular endurance and strength. Studies show that doing several types of exercises will keep your body developing and you will see strength and even muscular definition results faster.

Off Pole Strength Training > Build Strength for Pole Dance

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