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A no brand dance pole or commonly known as a “stripper pole” is basically a pole made for pole dancing and is not manufactured by one of the larger, more-known pole manufacturers such as X-Pole, Platinum Stages, Lupit Pole, or Lil Mynx. These are not the only companies that make poles for dancing, just the most well-known and purchased the most in the pole community. 

There’s also brands of what I classify as novelty stripper poles such as the Carmen Electra pole, MiPole and the Peekaboo. Some of these are designed just for sliding against and mostly non-weight-bearing pole dancing and have plastic parts.

I wouldn’t ride a bike with any of the working parts made of plastic, I personally am not going to recommend or vouch for a no brand dance pole that I wouldn’t put all of my weight plus momentum on. That to me is a recipe for injury or an epic pole flop!

Where do you buy no-brand dance poles?

Most of the no-brand dance poles found online are on places like Ebay or Amazon, just to name a couple of places. There are a lot sold on various pole dancing-related websites and blogs as well.

The risks and problems

Why even bring up the topic of an affordable dance pole? Heck, some of them are under a hundred US dollars and look just like an X-Pole! Why not?

Although I have not personally tried any no-brand dance poles (I did try a Carmen Electra pole at a girlfriend’s house – but her husband had installed some additional bracing and we were able to invert on it) I did my research and turned to some thorough videos by Danna of

There seem to be several risks that come with purchasing a no-brand dance pole. From reading through many customer reviews on several sites, here are the main problems that surface:

  • Quality of the parts – thin metal, sharpness of edges of the pieces
  • Lack of installation instructions
  • No clarity in installation instructions
  • Peeling finish on the pole
  • Not sturdy enough to spin or do tricks on
  • Rubber parts hard and made the pole slide
  • The joints where the pole fit together didn’t fit
  • The parts were missing and could not get a-hold of any customer service for help

Are there any benefits of buying a no brand pole?

The benefits of purchasing a no brand dance pole are:

  • It's affordable!
  • Value – relatively lower cost than name brand poles for possible similar quality
  • Lower investment in your pole dance hobby – we already pay enough for online classes, studio classes, workshops, pole wear and stripper shoes!
  • Possibly a really good deal – if you get a quality pole for half or a third of the cost of a brand pole then it is worth it.

What is the best no brand dance pole?

I cannot say which is the best and most affordable no-brand dance pole since I have not tried them but Danna from offers one on her site that has outstanding reviews.

If I were to purchase a no-brand dance pole online, I would first read all of the customer reviews – something Amazon offers. There are some 4 star stripper poles sold on there that are less than any other pole I have come across and the majority of the customer reviews state the pole is affordable, sturdy and of good quality.

I think that if any pole is not properly installed, there are going to be problems. One of the problems that seems to come up in reviews is the lack of good installation instructions.

What are brand name dance poles?

There are several pole manufacturers that are well-known in the poledance community that both many home users and studios will vouch for:

  • Lupit Pole (newer)

What are the benefits of getting a brand name pole?

The benefits I see in purchasing a brand-name dance pole are:

  • You get the reputation of the company and the product
  • You get customer service to help you with any missing parts, installation help or returns
  • You get clearer instructions from the manufacturer
  • You can review thousands of other users’ experiences with that particular item
  • You get a wide variety of choices/types of dancing poles to choose from
  • You can get a customized pole from some of the manufacturers
  • You can try the poles out at various conventions and expos 
  • There are still very affordable options offered from the above-mentioned brands in the $130-$170 price range

Here is a characteristic/cost comparison table. Please feel free to message me any other info you’d like for me to add to this! Click here to download the pdf.

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